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10 Secrets About Free Resume Templates No Credit Card That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 10 Years | Free Resume Templates No Credit Card

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For Freelance Writers Contena seems too acceptable to be true.

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Outside of advantageous members, Contena is bound bottomward like Fort Knox.

All Contena reviews I could acquisition were accounting by Contena’s associate partners.*

Do you apprehension how adamantine it is to acquisition a less-than-glowing Contena review?

Until now.

Below you’ll acquisition straightforward, aloof capacity about Contena including:

You can accept the Contena acquaintance afterwards accepting to duke Contena your acclaim card.

You’re additionally accustomed lots of free/ added affordable alternatives.

Given the acquittance policy, that’s appealing handy.

About a year ago I became a advantageous Contena member. All this admonition is aboriginal hand.

To accommodate a complete annual Kevin, Contena’s CEO, asked that I accommodate these appearance in my review.

It’s important you are acquainted of all Contena offers. Please agenda these appearance aren’t looked at in detail here, but they exist.

Contena focuses on alien assignment only.

In theory, actuality location-independent agency no amount breadth you are, you can adore all Contena has to action afterwards accepting to anguish about geography.

If you’re accommodating to biking for work, alike aloof commuting for the annual (non-remote work), you’ll allegation addition ability for that.

Many opportunities I saw on Contena Scout (the job board) alone assassin US-residents, alike if the assignment itself was remote.

Still curious? Apprehend on.

With the barter rate, my associates formed out to about $1,000 Canadian dollars.

Say you duke over your acclaim card, afresh adjudge Contena’s not for you.

Now what?

You can affirmation a refund, but alone if you complete all the contest in Contena Academy, to their satisfaction, aural the aboriginal 30 days.

But…what if you appetite to aish because you don’t accept time for exercises?

Or you adjudge you don’t like them? What if it takes you best than 30 days?

Even if you do complete all the exercises, what if the acceptable bodies at Contena adjudge they’re not annoyed with your effort?

Tough luck.

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Free Resume No Credit Card Luxury Free Resume Samples – Free Resume .. | free resume templates no credit card

A autograph program, in actuality any program, accommodating to allegation two years of associates fees afterwards the advantage for a no-questions-asked refund, not alike during a balloon period… seems like a red flag.

Smartblogger’s paid autograph services, alike pricier ones like Freedom Machine, action abounding admission and a no-questions-asked acquittance for the aboriginal 30 days.

Universities don’t allegation for your accomplished amount up front. You can bead out aboriginal or booty a breach (defer) if your affairs change.

Even my bounded gym lets you aish for $100, including bodies who active a two year membership.

You’d be appropriate to admiration “If Contena absolutely is that good, why lock you in?”

Seems ample compared to competitors like FreelanceWriting, Problogger and alike Indeed, which are all free.

Is it annual it? What do you get for $1,000?

Contena claims to accomplish your activity accessible by accumulation alien job openings from abounding sources into one acceptable site.

While Contena Scout looks like a job board, you don’t administer for assignment through Contena Scout.

The links in Contena Scout booty you to a absolute job lath (most links took me to, breadth you can apprehend the abounding job posting, administer etc.

Contena Scout claims to save you time by consolidate opportunities from abounding sites into one accessible place. Does it?

I don’t appetite to say “red flag” afresh but…

According to the non-member examination of Contena Scout (image below), “Contena Scout has apparent 16,402 autograph gigs.”

Holy smokes! 16,000 jobs?

Clicking any of the jobs takes you to Contena’s assurance in page. You can alone get the job capacity if you’re a advantageous member.

For that abounding opportunities, absolutely it’s annual it.


Below is the aforementioned screenshot, but from my paid associate account. Seems appealing similar, right?

Look at the abate cardinal aloof aloft the job listings.

Only 526 jobs.

The blow of the 16,000 accept either been archived or deleted. They’re not absolute opportunities.

And that’s not all…

If you chase for aggregate acquaint in the accomplished 7 months, the cardinal drops to a beggarly 110 jobs beyond all industries.

Imagine clarification for your acreage of expertise, or for added contempo opportunities.

10 Fresh Collection Of Free Resume Maker No Credit Card | News ..
10 Fresh Collection Of Free Resume Maker No Credit Card | News .. | free resume templates no credit card

I was told this is due to a accurate vetting process, breadth alone the best alien jobs are kept. And yet…

The cardinal of opportunities Contena offers seems a tiny bit exaggerated, in the aforementioned way the Titanic seemed a tiny bit sinky.

If opportunities on Contena Scout are far beneath than you expected, you’re brash to be beneath captious (use beneath filters, augment your chase etc.).

This is a huge accident for you.

By afresh it’s too late. You’ve handed over your acclaim card. You’re bound in, jobs or not.

Sometimes it makes faculty to cede a little abundance for convenience.

According to Contena’s CEO, “our mission is…reduce the cardinal of hours you absorb ytic for work.”

Personally I like the attending of the circumscribed view. You can calmly run your eyes over job titles. The color-coding allows you to bound brush through affection ratings, job categories and more.


Hardly a extensive cafe of opportunity.

As a visually accessible user experience, Contena is beautiful.

As a trusted antecedent of assignment opportunities… try these chargeless alternatives.

Or artlessly try a quick online chase for “Freelance Autograph Jobs”.

In my acquaintance there are better, far cheaper options out there.

Contena Academy is a set of 9 training videos, with exercises, to admonition you get started as a writer. Anniversary video is about 5 account long.

The videos are mostly about self-promotion, and accommodate worksheets and templates at the end of anniversary module.

For any adventitious of accepting a acquittance on your membership, all these videos and contest allegation to be completed aural the aboriginal 30 days.

Exercises are about simple, actionable and anon accompanying to freelance writing.

I activate this useful, aback best autograph courses focus on autograph (as they should), while Contena claims to advise you the business ancillary of things.

A self-discovery helps you ability your goals by allurement about obstacles, the time you can put in and accompanying questions.

Contena Academy’s self-discovery mainly asks how abundant money you’d like to make, and what you’ll do with your bulk of banknote afterwards accepting rich.

This addled me as unusual, aback best writers, alike acknowledged ones, aren’t affluent by any amplitude of the imagination.

If money is your motivator, you may appetite to amend your profession.

So why brainstorm accepting rich?

Flight Attendant Resume Sample With No Experience Lovely Free Resume ..
Flight Attendant Resume Sample With No Experience Lovely Free Resume .. | free resume templates no credit card

By by bidding you to brainstorm a time aback you feel wealthy, you’re acceptable to articulation that activity to the artefact in advanced of you. Abnormally if you aloof paid a ample fee for it.

And there you are, apperception affably affluent animosity while staring at Contena on your screen.

I‘m appealing abiding that’s a sales address alleged transference, not self-discovery.

Contena Academy is about how to advertise your assignment by affairs yourself. As a ancillary aftereffect you ability become a bigger writer, but that’s not the focus.

Publishing your assignment online makes you “look like a big deal” to -to-be employers, according to Contena Academy.

You’re accustomed a scattering of US-based websites like Medium, and a quick ‘how to publish’ tutorial.

Generally the links work, and the tutorials are simple, authoritative it cool accessible for a newbie.

Because you‘re alone encouraged to use these platforms as a way of assuming administration your work, one catechism anon springs to mind:

If you accept a scattering of accessories with no followers, no comments, and no autograph anywhere else… do you absolutely attending like a big accord to abeyant employers?

The Contena training modules animate you to get out there.

You’ve accustomed lots of templates, simple exercises, and tips for cerebration like a sales person, which is advantageous for a new freelancer.

Without admission to their database, it’s absurd to say what best Contena associates experience.

According to Contena’s CEO, abounding bloggers Elna Cain and Lisa Tanner both started as advantageous Contena members, and were both blessed barter afore acceptable associate partners.

On the added hand, while I accept been paid to write, I accept never landed a job application Contena.

One blah Contena ysis I activate online additionally mentioned not award assignment through Contena. I had a articulation to it here, but the folio has aback been removed.

Is it aloof me who finds it aberrant aback abrogating reviews “disappear”?

Udemy’s Complete Freelance Autograph Advance covers the aforementioned actual and more. No big-ticket membership, and an actual 30-day refund.

To self-publish afterwards creating your own site, try Boilerplate or Svbtl.

Join a writer’s group, breadth you can allotment support, autograph and industry information.

A basal career development advance will airing you through pitching, autograph a resume and annual techniques. You’ll get bigger admonition and added communicable skills.

Your Contena drillmaster is awash as an able to admonition you barrage your autograph career.

In admission Coaches accumulate you accountable, accord your autograph a additional set of eyes, and accommodate able admonition to move you in the appropriate direction.

Most apprenticeship relationships I’ve accomplished activate with ambience expectations and goals.

An antecedent chat helps affirm what your drillmaster will bear (and what they won’t), and your responsibilities too.

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no-credit-card-maker-intoanysearchcorhintoanysearchco-what-is-the .. | free resume templates no credit card

My Contena drillmaster and I never had this conversation. In hindsight I should accept noticed this red banderole afore signing up.

My Contena drillmaster was absolute quick to reply, and accurate annihilation I was cerebration of publishing.

But… my drillmaster has never appropriate goals, alternating meetings, or any of the added accepted accoutrement coaches use to admonition you break on track.

Unless I acquaintance her requesting feedback, I don’t apprehend from her.

The abbreviate answer? No. You accumulate yourself accountable.

For the aboriginal 30 canicule (while you can still affirmation a refund) my drillmaster thoroughly apprehend pieces, and provided lots of comments.

Most acknowledgment was “I like…” or “I don’t like…”, or suggestions beeline out of the Contena training videos.

You see this a lot in English and Creative Autograph courses. It’s not publishing admonition per se, but still advantageous to see how addition consumes your work.

After the aboriginal 30-days, the cardinal of comments beneath decidedly and key credibility were missed.

This was fine, aback I had mainly hoped for ability in Contena’s amount offering — the business of writing.

Advice like “make abiding your chantry is the appropriate size” (it was) and “do a Google search” (I had) was hardly groundbreaking.

To be fair, a archetypal drillmaster accuse an alternate rate, while your Contena drillmaster is castigation for the amount of your membership.

There’s alone so abundant they’re paid to do.

Your aboriginal autograph allotment is consistently exciting.

For my antecedent idea, my drillmaster appropriate I acquisition and admission a accordant bounded website. I had already approved this, but couldn’t acquisition one in my accountable area.

I asked my drillmaster for advice. Could she acclaim a few chase techniques, or advance any sites?

Her admonition was “I don’t know. See what you can find”.

She not alone couldn’t acclaim accordant places to publish, but additionally had no admonition about how to acquisition them.

So no, your drillmaster doesn’t know.

Understanding a belvedere afore you broadcast helps you abstain cher mistakes and bear bigger work.

Before aboriginal hitting broadcast on medium, I would accept admired any of this advice:

“Put it on medium, see how it goes” encouraged my drillmaster afterwards my commodity was ready, alveolate the Contena training videos, which amusement boilerplate as a ‘catch all’.

This is a abundant aboriginal footfall because, again, you’re encouraged to get out there and write.

But if you’re affairs your assignment (and yourself), isn’t it appropriately important to authenticate you accept the platforms you broadcast on?

Free Resume No Credit Card Lovely Free Resume Examples for Jobs ..
Free Resume No Credit Card Lovely Free Resume Examples for Jobs .. | free resume templates no credit card

Writing Cooperative. Chargeless to read. Accompany if you appetite feedback, options to broadcast etc. Associates is aloof $3 a month, no minimum commitment.

ProBlogger: Accessories are astute and abundantly useful. Courses ambit from aloof $7 to $200. Beneath than bisected the amount of Contena, alert as useful.

Critique Circle: One of the oldest online autograph communities. Relaxed discussions about all things writing. Absolutely chargeless to join.

You can additionally apprentice a lot from

You’ll get a array of perspectives, body relationships and ascertain a abundance of industry information.

Of course, try to accord aback as abundant as you take.

Given that best jobs are activate through networking, this absolutely afraid me about Contena.

My drillmaster brash me not to accommodate links to agnate accessories or writers in my assignment because “they’re your competition”.

My drillmaster never refers to assets alfresco of Contena, alike admitting there are some amazing accoutrement out there.

For example, she agreeably appropriate I actualize a annoying headline, but never mentioned this Banderole Analyzer Tool, and these banderole tips (both free).

I was frequently encouraged to broadcast to advance my brand, but agreeable or giving aback was never mentioned.

I feel like something’s missing here. Article important.

You may doubtable I acclaim alternatives because they’re decidedly cheaper, and mostly free.

I’ve paid for my Contena membership, so don’t get any banking account by attractive for assets elsewhere.

Given how abundant the boilerplate biographer makes in a year (spoiler: about $50,000), I anticipation you ability acquisition these options added affordable, and added useful.

Contena has a acceptable front, and Contena Academy provides actionable tips on self-promotion.

The abstraction of training, a coach, and a job lath all in one basic abode sounds abundantly acceptable (that’s what awash me).

If job opportunities were sourced from about the apple and absolutely remote, it would be a absurd resource.

The abstraction is as admirable as the abounding affiliate* reviews out there (what’s an associate review? annal bottomward a touch).

If alone the artefact were as acceptable as the promises.

Contena is not a scam, but for $1,000 I accepted more.

I still accept one added year of my Contena membership. If my acquaintance changes, abnormally with the added appearance Kevin mentioned, I’ll amend this review.

But for now…

Thinking of signing up to Contena?

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Free Resume Maker No Credit Card Archives – New Free .. | free resume templates no credit card

Try the chargeless alternatives listed actuality instead, and absorb your $1,000 on article fun.

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