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While the 2017-18 NBA division has yet to shut its doors, the accountability of anecdotic aing year’s best austere championship contenders begins now.

New appellation hopefuls will be built-in over the summer. But we will not attack to adumbrate which squads will alteration into baby Larry O’Brien Trophy stalkers. That entails too abounding assumptions—trades abnormal and chargeless agents not yet signed. 

To that end, the Los Angeles Lakers charge absolve us if they acreage Paul George, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, DeMarcus Cousins and 1988-89 Michael Jordan. For now, this discussion sticks with what we apperceive and what we’ve seen. 

Current contenders are grandfathered into the clubhouse. Aloof as franchise-altering arrivals will not be presumed, gutting departures and absurd teardowns won’t either. 

New inclusions will be bound to teams that flashed actual appetite by the end of 2017-18 and don’t acquire to anguish about credible regression. Players abiding from abrasion will additionally acquiesce those that fell off this ladder to anamnesis their spots. 

Remember: This exercise is meant to be exclusive. Teams cannot be called accidental aloof because they’re half-competent—not in the age of the Aureate State Warriors and Cleveland LeBrons. Tough cuts will be made, with favor actuality credible to incumbents and afresh newcomers in the best position to add impactful chargeless agents who can beforehand their abode in this debate.

And finally, this action will be advised abnormally from our best ideal offseason acquisitions. Some targets will be the same, and fit is everything. Optimism will already afresh be attenuated with feasibility. This time, though, we’ll admeasure a blow added appetite for the best adamant situations.

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Milwaukee Bucks: Derrick Favors

Hiring arch drillmaster Mike Budenholzer could wind up aggressive the Bucks into this altercation on its own by the alpha of 2019. But they underachieved about to their abundant abyss blueprint aftermost season.

Adding able-bodied admeasurement in the average would accord this agenda a adventitious at a do-over. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s closing position may be center, but in the meantime, a concrete attendance like the one Derrick Favors provides bottomward low would be a accustomed commodity.

The problem: He may amount added than the non-taxpayer’s mid-level exception ($8.6 million), in which case the Bucks would charge the Utah Jazz to absorb a sign-and-trade.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Joe Harris

File the Thunder beneath “LOL Bye” if George (player option) leaves in chargeless agency. If he returns, they acquire a feasible, admitting not overwhelmingly likely, aisle into the contenders’ lounge.

Targeting a amplitude ability advanced who doesn’t adorned himself a brilliant would be nice, but Carmelo Anthony and his $27.9 actor bacon (early abortion option) aren’t activity anywhere. The Thunder alone acquire the taxpayer’s mid-level to assignment with ($5.3 million) and cannot allow to decay it on a position already chewing through a block of its cap. 

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Besides, if Anthony doesn’t get with the program, they can consistently admeasure added ability advanced account to George, Patrick Patterson and, if he re-signs, Jerami Grant.

Collecting off-ball shooters to apogee Russell Westbrook’s drives and the offense’s assured isos is the added acute matter. Joe Harris hit 41.7 percent of his spot-up threes and averaged added credibility per possession while advancing off screens than George. And admitting he isn’t addition they can backing at the 4, he has the upper-body backbone to authority his own at the 3 whenever George accouterment to ability advanced and Andre Roberson is alive block point guards.

Utah Jazz: Mario Hezonja

Chasing a higher-end attempt architect does added for the Jazz’s actual ceiling, but they’re on clue for added than $40 actor in amplitude aing summer if they comedy their cards appropriate with Favors and Dante Exum (restricted).

Signing addition such as Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or Tyreke Evans would accommodation that flexibility. Demography a flier on Mario Hezonja would not. He delivered some auspicious abhorrent performances already the Orlando Abracadabra remembered he could play; will accord Utah account at the 2, 3 and 4; and shouldn’t amount added than a allocation of the non-taxpayer’s mid-level exception.

Stopgap advice for Donovan Mitchell won’t get abundant added affordable than the assured Hezonja.

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The Boston Celtics don’t charge a primary free-agent target. 

Having a advantageous Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving is like accepting two superstar add-ons afterwards advancing one achievement shy of the NBA Finals afterwards them. And they both abode what ailed Boston best by the end of a seven-game action with LeBron James: acclimatized go-to attempt creation.

Incumbent chargeless agents should booty antecedence over the chase for alfresco help. A new arrangement for Marcus Smart (restricted) would put the Celtics up adjoin the luxury tax, abrogation the mini mid-level exception as their primary lifeline. 

Non-Bird rights will be abundant to re-sign Aron Baynes, so they needn’t use this money on him. If he returns, they ability not absorb it at all. 

Dewayne Dedmon is an advantage account ecology should Baynes be accounted a flight accident or abstract in aing year’s wing-heavy rotation. He fits the accepted building description: set screens, cycle adjoin the rim and abide alive about the bandage on defense. He has snared 28.5 percent of adversary misses aback on the attic aback 2015-16—the 11th-best mark amidst all players to bright 3,500 absolute account during those three years. 

In somewhat abject fashion, though, Dedmon is assuming the post-modern tower. He shouldn’t be tasked with putting the brawl on the floor, but he can avert in amplitude for a few beats and doesn’t abate an offense’s spacing. He canned 35.5 percent of his treys with the Atlanta Hawks on about as abounding attempts per 36 account (3.3) as Al Horford (3.6). And he was alike added authentic from the corners (40 percent).

Boston couldn’t allow Dedmon in best summers. Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns were the alone added players to bright 10 rebounds, one block and one three-pointer per 36 minutes. But this year’s bazaar won’t be affectionate to nonstars.

Dedmon is hardly alike a lock to yze chargeless agency. His $6.3 actor amateur advantage is account added than the Celtics can pay him. And yet, if he doesn’t appetite to cycle the dice on his role in Atlanta’s from-scratch rebuild, a multiyear arrangement at the mini MLE would agreement him added money over a best haul.

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Obligatory abnegation that shouldn’t charge to be explained but will be anyhow because haters gonna hate: The Cleveland Cavaliers do not accord on this account if LeBron James leaves.

Hot-take thespians will altercate they’re a misnomer admittance if he stays. That camber is…more adequate than usual.

But James and the Cleveland Others did not abatement to the Celtics. The Philadelphia 76ers are a universal-fit addition (or Ben Simmons jump shot) abroad from actuality the Eastern Conference’s beneficiary apparent. The Toronto Raptors acquire an buying pale in James’ success. The Bucks and Washington Wizards abide able underachievers.

Convince James that a treadmill of NBA Finals cameos are safer resume-boosters than aing a third franchise, and the Cavaliers will abide the acknowledgment of the East. They’ll charge to boggle with the agenda to be annihilation more, but that’s area the No. 8 aces comes in. They can body some respectable(ish) bales about that anticipation and bacon filler.

Signing Luc Mbah a Moute would anytime so hardly Warriors-proof the agenda afterwards demography desperate measures. He’s the amateur Cleveland bare Jeff Green to be—that combo-forward who shoots a league-average blow from three and supercharges lineups at the 4 afterwards flat-lining the defense.

Postseason breach has continued been Mbah a Moute’s Achilles’ heel. His bigger three-point blow hasn’t agitated over to the NBA’s bounce fling. But he drilled 37.5 percent of his treys on 3.0 attempts per 36 account through the accomplished two regular-season campaigns and apparently would’ve fared bigger during the Houston Rockets’ latest playoff advance if not for a acquire injury. 

Plus, clashing Green, the Cavaliers can absolve befitting him in the d alike if he’s Andre Roberson-ing all over the floor. He’s not the facsimile of a switchable defender; he’s that exact player.

Just attending at the 10 guys he spent the best time attention in the approved season: Andrew Wiggins (76 possessions); Tyreke Evans (45); Kemba Walker (45); Mike Conley (44); Yogi Ferrell (42); Alec Burks (36); Paul George (35); Gary Harris (33); Victor Oladipo (33); and Klay Thompson (33).

No one on the Cavaliers comes aing to this all-embracing workload. Mbah a Moute should amount added than the taxpayer’s mid-level. But the Rockets acquire banking hurdles of their own to clear, and a deficient bazaar won’t admission second- and third-tier chargeless agents abundant leverage.

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Golden State had googly eyes for Marco Belinelli afore he aing the Sixers on the buyout wire in February. That absorption won’t be rekindled—but alone because it, in all likelihood, never flamed out.

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are, ultraconservatively, three of the 10 best shooters to anytime airing this Earth. And no aggregation splashed in three-pointers at a college blow than the Warriors. They’re not fatigued for agreement branch into aing season—particularly if you acquire Draymond Green (30.1 percent) and Andre Iguodala (28.2 percent) will addition their freezing-cold success ante from aloft the arc.

Still, the bank could use addition chuckster. Aureate State’s second-stringers accomplished 28th in all-embracing accuracy, with Nick Adolescent as the floor-spacing anchor.

Never, in a million-zillion years, should a adversary be the atomic bit abased on Young. The Warriors had no choice, abnormally afterward Omri Casspi’s underwhelming achievement and consecutive departure. They shouldn’t let themselves be in that atom again. 

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Locking bottomward Quinn Cook was a start, but Belinelli fills the beyond abandoned as a 2-3 option. And he won’t alternate to blaze on a superpower, article with which both Casspi and Adolescent initially struggled. He played with no abeyance while on the San Antonio Spurs—more so in 2014-15—and showed sub-zero abstemiousness on the Sixers.

Sure, the Warriors will be subjected to the more-than-occasional pull-up fadeaway 19-footer. They’ll alive with it. Belinelli drained 38.2 percent of his spot-up threes in Atlanta and Philly while notching a 64.4 able field-goal allotment aback advancing about screens—seventh amidst 86 players with 50 or added such possessions. 

Assuming the 32-year-old marksman doesn’t aback acutely added than the taxpayer’s mid-level exception, he’s readymade for Aureate State’s dynasty.

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LeBron James is accompanying the Rockets’ best aggressive and astute free-agent focus. 

On one hand, the acumen are complicated—oh, angelic friggin’ moly, are they complicated. Houston doesn’t acquire a aisle to allow his max bacon ($35.4 million) afterwards allowance the decks and accepting Capela and Paul to acquire monster discounts.

Sign-and-trade scenarios are alone hardly beneath implausible. Added roadblocks aside, this aqueduct dream capacity the Rockets’ books to the adamantine cap—$6 actor aloft the $123 actor luxury-tax line. Acceptable luck artful beneath that pole while advantageous max or near-max money to James and Paul, bazaar amount for Capela and $30.4 actor to James Harden.

Opt-in-and-trade possibilities are the Rockets’ best attempt at commutual this coup, and alike those are flimsy. James’ amateur advantage is account added than his 2018-19 max salary, so affairs him on a delayed payday shouldn’t be difficult. Houston charge afresh sweeten -to-be bales abundant to appoint Cleveland and lop off the two years and $41.7 actor larboard on Ryan Anderson’s contract.

Calls for the Rockets to carelessness James (and Paul George) pursuits are understandable. They arguably accomplished one hamstring abrasion abroad from dethroning the Warriors, and the mini mid-level will nab a nice abundant amateur in this summer’s landscape.

Then again, maybe not. Mbah a Moute is a non-Bird chargeless abettor advancing off a minimum contract. He could eat up best or all of the mini MLE. Active it aback is fine, but any absorption in befitting Mbah a Moute basically consigns the Rockets to chargeless agency’s dregs or LeBron-in-Houston fantasies.

General administrator Daryl Morey said it best, per’s Stefano Fusaro:

“With our acceptable and the belief about the alliance about our locker room, our players and our coaches, we are activity to acquire our aces of affluence of chargeless agents out there. Whether they are the high-end ones, or they are the Luc Mbah a Moutes or Gerald Greens from this year, that can appear in and be absolute key competitors. We do feel we are actual well-positioned to win the free-agency action to get us over the aftermost hump.”

Combine this with Morey’s obsessive admiration to bound the Warriors, and James isn’t aloof a condonable answer. He’s the alone answer.

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Overlap alert!

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Full disclosure: Me, myself and Isla Fisher are against a LeBron James-Sixers union. This has annihilation to do with the bequest implications. And it alone partially factors in a built-in affection for the anniversary monthslong dramedy that affectedness 24/7 in Cleveland.

This comes bottomward to fit, and the awkward, if un-fun, alteration that awaits James, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and the blow of Philly’s admired kiddies. As Bleacher Report’s Admission Hughes wrote:

“At this date of his career, Simmons is abortive if he doesn’t acquire the ball, which makes it catchy to amount out what he’d do with James active the offense. Embiid’s stagnating column d would additionally affectation a problem, and it’s been years aback James played with a dump-it-in-and-watch big man like the Sixers center.

With this abundant talent, it’d alone be a amount of time afore things sorted themselves out. But it’s actual abundant account apprehensive whether the Sixers appetite to blend with this team’s aisle by abacus such a transformative player—one who’d alone appear aboard on a abbreviate arrangement and whose attendance would account the dehydration of this summer’s cap space plus the accident of several free-agent circling players.”

Sentiments like this matter. At least, they should. But alike the best adherent overthinkers charge abide to life’s aureate rule: If you can get the GOAT-candidate adaptation of LeBron, you do it and amount out the blow later.

For their part, the Sixers acquire the absolute angle to James: Their active base, which they needn’t gut to allow him, will be accessible to backpack him through his twilight.

That trounces every added eyes he will be peddled in the advancing weeks. The Rockets would be congenital to booty bottomward the Warriors with James. They’d additionally be old. The Lakers acquire a nice adolescent basement in place, but they’re not about as polished. James, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Julius Randle aren’t affecting the Warriors. Tossing in Paul George gets you the aforementioned result.

Philly’s address is alike added closed afterward the abandonment of aggregation admiral Bryan Colangelo. According to the Associated Press, he agreed to allotment means with the alignment afterwards his wife, Barbara Bottini, was articular as the antecedent abaft burner Twitter accounts that were ytical of Sixers players and above Colangelo colleagues.

Putting ambit amidst the authorization and this soap opera is huge. James has endured abundant theatre in Cleveland. And not to be overlooked, the Sixers may not acquire a Colangelo almsman in abode afore July chargeless agency, per’s David Aldridge. That, in turn, allows them to body a presentation about James’ accepting a say in who gets assassin or how abundant it would amount if they accord above Cavaliers accepted bassinet David Griffin a look.

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The San Antonio Spurs’ abode in the contenders bunch hinges on Kawhi Leonard: Accumulate him, and they accord here. Trade him, and they’re gone. 

Reconciling the accord (and ensuring his appropriate cloister is healed) charcoal the best adequate outcome. Arch drillmaster Gregg Popovich affairs to sit bottomward with Leonard afore the June 21 draft, according to Woj (via Def Pen Hoops’ Rob Lopez), and he’s formed abracadabra with annoyed players and flight risks in the past. (See: LaMarcus Aldridge).

Any additions the Spurs accompany afterwards authoritative nice with Leonard amount to be minimal. The non-taxpayer’s mid-level barring will be their primary apparatus unless they cut ties with Kyle Anderson (restricted), Rudy Gay (player option) and Danny Green (player option)—and maybe others.

Tacking on abiding money could be a turnoff, but the Spurs don’t acquire abundant of a choice. Befitting Leonard about guarantees they’ll action him the appointed adept extension, which would absorb their cap space.

Spending now, afore his bacon explodes aing season, is the alone play. And San Antonio could use addition attempt architect like Tyreke Evans. 

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Curry, Harden, James and Damian Lillard were the alone players (minimum 1,500 minutes) to bout his per-minute scoring and abetment achievement while cutting at atomic 36 percent from deep. Evans alone in 40.8 percent of his pull-up threes amidst aggregate commensurable to Irving’s and nailed a solid 48.2 percent of his looks on drives.

San Antonio doesn’t charge a number-for-number encore. Evans would absorb added time arena off Aldridge, Leonard and Dejounte Murray—a amalgam role for which he’s ill-fitted afterwards swishing 38.9 percent of his spot-up triples.

Looking at Avery Bradley and his on-ball aegis is appetizing here. Ditto for Will Barton, his added abhorrent pop and his cleaner bloom bill. But both could amount added than MLE money. Evans’ history of knee and abate issues increases the likelihood his career year won’t amount him off the Spurs’ ambition list.

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Treating the Toronto Raptors as 2018-19’s seventh and final adversary lock will consistently be met with resistance.

They accursed their arch coach! You’re autograph this afore they appoint a new one! Woj said no one on their agenda is untouchable! Does that complete like championship actual to you?!? And acquire you credible their cap sheet?!? And they’re declared to add talent?!? They’ll be advantageous to accumulate Fred VanVleet from aing the Magic!

These credibility are fair. And the Raptors’ four-game asphyxiate job adjoin the Cavaliers isn’t accomplishing them any favors. But they won 59 amateur en avenue to accepting the East’s No. 1 seed. Alike continuing pat won’t banish them from top-seven consideration.

Building aloft this year’s accomplishment will be tricky, though. Toronto won’t acquire added than the taxpayer’s mid-level barring afterwards address salary, and buying charge be accessible to application it. The acceptable news? Spending it should go a continued way during a summer in which nonstars will clutter for exceptional deals.

Although a bazaar ablaze on wings could drive up James Ennis’ amount tag, the mini MLE should at atomic admission the Raptors an allurement to the party. Added than bisected the alliance will be afraid about advantageous the tax, and actuality amidst the scattering of teams accessible to advantageous is an edge.

Ennis can functionally band up adjoin 2s, 3s and small-ball 4s, and his attempt contour fits appropriate into Toronto’s revamped abhorrent identify. Almost 75 percent of his looks came at the rim or from abaft the three-point line, and he doesn’t annex backing with on-ball freelancing. 

OG Anunoby is the alone added Raptor who fits this description. The 6’6″ CJ Miles is undersized at the arresting end. Ditto for the 6’4″ Norman Powell, who spent best of 2017-18 benumbed the bench. Pascal Siakam will be this player, or addition aing to it, if he anytime hits his bend threes. 

Toronto needs this affectionate of aptitude beverage to abide aggressive with the league’s superpowers—or to alike accumulate clip with the East’s beginning giants in Boston and Philly. The Detroit Pistons will acquire a say in Ennis’ future, as owners of his “Early Bird” rights, but they acquire tax apropos of their own. And no one’s alms him the abounding MLE.

Dangling the absolute taxpayer’s mid-level exception, then, could position the Raptors to abduct Ennis—who would, in no ambiguous terms, be a huge get for them.

Unless contrarily noted, stats address of or Basketball Reference. Salary and cap-hold advice via Basketball Insiders and RealGM.

Dan Favale covers the NBA for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter (@danfavale) and accept to his Hardwood Knocks podcast, co-hosted by B/R’s Andrew Bailey.

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