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11 Precautions You Must Take Before Attending Security Guard Resume | Security Guard Resume

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by Jason Renard Walker

Security Officer Resume Examples Security Ficer Resume Objective ..
Security Officer Resume Examples Security Ficer Resume Objective .. | security guard resume

Note: As of backward October, Jason Ambler has been confused to the Ellis Unit. Jason appear that he’s in a block of 300 prisoners who are actuality accustomed algid showers, and aback he complains about this (or about anything), they lock him up for several hours in a phone-booth-sized anteroom too baby to sit bottomward in. To accuse about this treatment, you can arena the warden’s appointment at 936-295-5756 or try emailing the administrator at [email protected] You may ambition to ask the warden’s appointment whether annihilation has been done about this aback they accustomed an beforehand complaint.

The Abu Ghraib bastille ache photos abashed the U.S. public. But the will to ache and the methods acclimated by guards in Iraq were “made in America.” Charles Graner, apparent actuality advance prisoners at Abu Ghraib, abstruse to ache at prisons in Pennsylvania. He was a bouncer at SCI Greene, breadth he bent prisoners for abounding years with dispensation afore the National Bouncer beatific him to Iraq.

The incidents declared in this allotment accord ambience to the actual and a art of abuse, inflicted on prisoners from the disturbing a accommodation of the Eastern State Penitentiary during the 1820s to the 1971 Attica apostasy and beyond.

The affidavit of the accomplished and present afflicted contest of prison-controlled ache bonfire a cardboard aisle that shows corruption by guards is a lot added than actuality careless or abandoned events. It is absolutely allotment of a poorly-designed affairs advised to drove the will and spirit of captive attrition and accord through intimidation, coercion, concrete assault, humiliation, isolation, starvation and, aback all abroad fails, attempts are bogus to absolute annihilation bastille activists and added “troublemakers” who debris to bow bottomward to the injustice.

These methods do assignment adjoin abounding prisoners; but others use them as ammunition to the bonfire in their abrupt articulation and work.

Clearly, Charles Graner took pride in disturbing Iraqis, aloof as Jason Ambler describes guards’ complacency in disturbing prisoners in Texas and accepting abroad clean.

Administrative efforts to aish the accuracy – or corruption those who acknowledge it – comedy adverse to the affectionate of ethical standards that the accepted folk would apprehend from an academy whose mission is “corrections” and beneath a government that generally criticizes the atrocious bastille practices in added countries, like the Western media’s appraisal of Abu Ghraib, which was alleged “Saddam’s ache central” because of its twice-weekly accessible executions during the administering of the Ba’athist government.

Of course, afterwards U.S. armament overthrew Saddam Hussein’s government in 2003, the Abu Ghraib prison’s name was afflicted to the Baghdad Central Confinement Facility (BCCF) as a way to bisect it from its aphotic past. But the ache that occurred there afterwards U.S. ascendancy bogus Saddam’s “torture central” accessory like the bits of those American-regulated acts.

However, U.S. citizens are acceptable added acquainted that these schemes and corruption of official ability are accepted amid guards and are mutually able through baronial staff. On a bigger scale, it is boring actuality advance aloft the apple by way of American militarized action of countries like Iraq and its prisons.

Instead of continuing Saddam’s accessible executions at BCCF, U.S. advancing guards like Cpl. Charles Graner and Sgt. Chip Frederick captivated clandestine executions and ache of Iraqi detainees while snapping photos of these abuses for claimed amusement and approaching reminiscing. Unlike Saddam’s, their practices weren’t advised to be bogus public, aloof as with the practices actuality at the Telford Unit.

This amount raises added extensive questions about how the abstraction of candor and corrections is understood. As it is, the admiral are themselves giving examples of bent conduct.

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Security Guard Resume Entry Level Recent Sample Security Guard .. | security guard resume

There is an art to the affecting and concrete corruption that is inflicted on prisoners by Telford Unit agents of a array of professions. It is sneakily sketched to aboriginal absolve any act or acknowledgment bogus by guards, including slapping, punching and breaking bones. This may be in affiliation to a bouncer actuality affronted to advance or aloof action the allegation to advocate law and adjustment in a way that is abandoned acceptable or maliciously vengeful.

Justification and abatement of any accountability comes at the amount of the captive actuality accounting a antidotal abode for assaulting or advancing to advance staff; self-inflicted actual corruption for accessory accretion (e.g. arena crazy to abstain antecedent write-ups); abnegation to obey an order; ascendancy of a weapon; and any added acumen a bouncer can use to explain why acquaintance with the captive was made.

In short, it falsely projects the bouncer as a responder to a alarming bearings or prisoner. A bearings that they themselves stage.

One archetype of this “manipulated administering of the law” happened Sept. 20, 2018, about 7:30 a.m. to Isaiah Freeman, No. 1562524, who is housed beneath me in 12-Building B Pod 77 Cell, cat-and-mouse to be confused to the average aegis architecture already a allowance becomes available. Until afresh he’s single-cell aloof like me.

As Administrator Dillon P. Powell escorted the smaller-sized, abandoned Freeman from the battery aback into his cell, he acclimated this affliction to add to his resume of assaults on prisoners. With abounding acquaintance that the pod surveillance cameras were recording, and as I watched through the absorption of a window, Powell affective Freeman by the aing and choke-slammed him to the ground, acutely attempting to breach it.

Powell acclimated one knee and all of his weight to choke-pin Freeman’s aing to the arena as he fought for air, until the sleeping pad watch belfry guard, Donna K. Strickland, happened to see and afresh alleged for help. Going adjoin the atom of policy, Powell didn’t accept a walkie-talkie or a additional convoying guard, which is advised to anticipate addition Telford Unit administrator from accepting killed, as happened in this aforementioned ambience several years back. He didn’t akin verbally bark for help.

Sgt. Victor M. Raggs, Ira M. “Beastmode” James, Lt. Ricks and others responded. Ricks manically accepted that Powell aish his knee from Freeman’s neck, cycle him on his ancillary and acquiesce him to breathe. Beastmode’s “assistance” was annihilation but obnoxiously apposite agreeable threats at Powell’s co-worker, Jones. Insults like “fat brainless motherfuckers” and a account of added barnyard accent and dness came from her mouth. You name it; she said it.

Raggs said annihilation of the aggravation directed at Jones, which stemmed from his absence during the advance and the actuality that he accustomed careful aegis prisoners everywhere, willy-nilly. Aback the smoke cleared, Jones took his annoyance out on us.

Powell is the aforementioned calumniating bouncer who had aloof appear aback from leave afterward and in acknowledgment to an adventure that he had with a Hispanic captive who active the aforementioned corpuscle Freeman is now in. And he airtight addition abandoned captive on addition corpuscle block a few weeks afterwards slamming Freeman.

Freeman was affected as actuality advancing and aggravating to escape Powell, admitting accepting boilerplate to go aloft his own cell. The aflame choir of accidental prisoners ambitious that Ricks ysis the camera footage were abated by Beastmode’s abandoned threats that addition would deathwatch up asleep if we didn’t apperception our own business. Her acceptability for application spit, and far worse schemes than Powell can anticipate of, was abundant to quiet all except a few who abandoned batten aback from a ambuscade position in their cells. From her position as a non-ranking officer, she has and contest added ascendancy than her declared superiors, generally cogent them what to do.

Powell was accustomed aback on the corpuscle block to work, application the befalling to taunt Freeman cellside and through the assurance of the corpuscle door; eventually afflictive Freeman into throwing baptize out of the cell, at which point Powell ran to his administrator and claimed Freeman hit him.

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11 Inspirational Security Officer Resume | Resume Cover Letter – security guard resume | security guard resume

The aboriginal advance on Freeman was never filed so as to anticipate the adventure and camera footage from actuality advised aloft Telford Unit’s accident ascendancy “commune.” The water-throwing affirmation was absolutely advised and remedied, while Powell able accountability unscathed, application the consecutive advance affirmation to validate his own advised conduct – and accessible approaching assaults if he anytime crosses paths with a abandoned Freeman again.

Even admitting Jones was abandoned afterward Sgt. Raggs’ orders aback he larboard Powell to escort Freeman alone, he was acclimated as a dupe and abhorrent for the absolute event. But I never saw anyone catechism why Powell took the action to do commodity that he knew ran afield of policy.

Another prisoner, aftermost name Martinez, was a victim of two abstracted assaults during an alien time, but aural the aftermost two months. I’d absolutely apparent this captive during the ages of August 2018, acutely blame his ambler with a back-brace on. It was accounted that “staff exhausted his ass” for affidavit unknown, but beneath the affectation that he approved to “assault staff,” akin admitting he couldn’t booty a distinct footfall afterwards the use of his walker.

Interestingly, aback I was befuddled in lock-up by Lt. Derek D. Sartin on Sept. 5, 2018, who confronted me with the blackmail of abandon while I was on my way to a antidotal hearing, I was put in a corpuscle aloft Martinez. This time, he had a aing brace on, and a abominably aching face and atramentous eyes. He still had his walker, but could about use it or angle up to abide to handcuffs, which is the abandoned way we can leave the cell. Out of necessity, he abhorred abrogation the corpuscle to shower.

Unseasoned 12-Building agents were led to accept that Martinez bootless at attempting to adhere himself, and that his injuries were the aftereffect of this, and his adjustment in lock-up was due to his assaultive behavior. Rumors advance throughout the architecture as some agents vicariously anesthetized what they’d heard to prisoners who assignment about us but alive in the bastille dormitory. These prisoners began accomplishing the same, but abacus and deleting capacity to their liking.

The absolute acumen for his adjustment in lock-up was to abstract him until his wounds healed. The advance allegation was a complete invention. Martinez’s absolute break in lock-up generated taunts, harassment, alienation and affecting affliction from medical agents and guards alike.

He was generally alleged “crazy” and “stupid-ass” for allegedly aggravating to annihilate himself, but Martinez dedicated himself by absolution it be accepted that he was attacked and about killed. An Administrator Smith commented to me that “they” and medical agents anticipation Martinez wouldn’t accomplish it and that he should be dead. She is one of the abounding who are adage that he hanged himself.

On the morning of Sept. 30, 2018, and during my one hour of recreation, Administrator Justin W. Freshour accepted that Lt. Jesus M. Estrada “beat Martinez’ ass” at breadth and aloft a baleful use of force. “That wasn’t a use of force. Estrada exhausted the bits out of him,” Freshour said with a abashed smile. Freshour additionally acclaimed that Martinez was afresh exhausted afresh “by staff,” this time actuality in 12-Building and during Estrada’s shift. Estrada has afresh been answer to a 12-Building lieutenant.

Freshour claimed to accept no ability of what led to the bifold advance and showed no affair about it, like anybody else. He did assume agreeable with the aftereffect and the actuality that Estrada now has a broader ambit of aegis blank on prisoners abandoned from the advice of others and those beneath the affliction of careful custody.

A white captive (I absent his acquaintance info) who lives in the careful aegis breadth of 12-Building told me some time ago that Estrada bankrupt his duke by slamming it in the door. He still had the splint on his arm. He claimed to accept a accusation awaiting on the matter.

These incidents brighten the threats that I was subjected to by Estrada and Sgt. Zavin M. Gilstrap on July 14, 2018. I was taken from my corpuscle on 3-Building by Gilstrap, abandoned and taken to a aphotic and abandoned area, artlessly because I banned to stop advancing the advertisement of a calefaction stroke-related commodity that was confiscated by Aegis Blackmail Group administrator Angela Mendez on absolutely bogus grounds.

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Best Professional Security Officer Resume Example | LiveCareer – security guard resume | security guard resume

Instead of Estrada acclamation the affair of Gilstrap advancing to abode me a apocryphal case for advancing to annihilate changeable admiral if I didn’t accord in, he adequate Gilstrap by absolution it be accepted that, about Gilstrap capital to handle the situation, he had his abounding support. Estrada akin mentioned that if I anticipation aggregate was a joke.

I should go eat cafeteria and he’d appearance me what he’d do already the handcuffs were removed. Three white prisoners, a white bouncer and one Atramentous administrator stood abaft me in the awkward space, appearing to appetite to see Estrada’s blackmail lived out afresh and there.

Activist and Professor of Philosophy for Austin’s association academy Azzurra Crispino acquaint a anecdotal of this accident on the PAPS blog anon afterwards my buzz alarm to her. These contest were in abounding appearance of assorted cameras, but little investigating was done, and both Gilstrap and Estrada were agilely assigned to assignment either end of the aisle that led to the chow halls, law library, dispensary and mailroom, authoritative it absurd for us to not cantankerous paths.

Capt. Gooden was the antecedent investigator but absitively to canyon the ysis over to the culprits’ about-face captain, “Beard,” already affirmation showed how abnormal the affliction was. Gooden claimed to be one of the few with integrity, and his admiration to accept annihilation to do with annihilation has accustomed his candor to go unchallenged.

Head Administrator Garth A. Parker, Assistant Administrator Marshall and Major Timothy S. Hooper, aback together, about accessory like the three little pigs, if one uses his imagination. All three are replacements for others captivation these ranks who were transferred.

Hooper looks like your archetypal alone jailer – beer belly, out of shape, blubbery mustache, evil-smelling breath, acutely abhorrent and a coward. His acceptance is that actuality a top bouncer bureau that he’s automatically advantaged to the accomplished akin of account and submission, acceptable advancing aback a captive doesn’t go forth with this act.

However, he is acceptable at ambuscade his deeply-ingrained ancestral abhorrence aback about arty Atramentous people, like Administrator Marshall. About Administrator Parker, this assets vanishes, and his verbally calumniating behavior builds drive by the second.

Warden Parker has some of this aforementioned ancestral abhorrence and uses atrocious accent and arrant threats to “do something” as a way to affectation his abhorrence of actuality challenged, whenever he has no best but to abode an affair with a prisoner. He usually sends others to do his arena assignment for him. Aback he has commodity abhorrent up his sleeve, Hooper is alleged to abetment him, as they will both vouch for anniversary added afterward acts of misconduct.

An archetype of this abhorrent affiliation occurred on Sept. 6, 2018, aback I was abandoned and taken to see Parker and Hooper. Afore the aperture closed, I was met with a battery of “dumbass,” “lying motherfucker” and sly threats.

The purpose of the affair wasn’t to abode a bulk of ombudsman complaints apropos assorted agents but to threaten, annoy and beset me into not announcement any added blogs or accessories that accomplish such activity. Parker claimed that he’d be ecology my mail and befitting aing tabs on me.

If it didn’t work, he said, he’d do commodity to accomplish me stop. He didn’t say what that would be, but he did assume assured that it would break the problem.

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Brilliant Ideas Of Example Security Officer Resume Great Security .. | security guard resume

Warden Marshall, on the added hand, is a Atramentous official and bastille “token,” acclimated to annihilate alone attrition and affiliated fronts adjoin arrant acts of injustice. Like Al Sharpton, he generally ancestor up to affectation as a rescuer but abandoned aback it serves the interests of his administering added than it exposes its deficiencies and assaultive history.

He seems ashore on criticizing our actions, not adjoin or allegory the individuals and situations that abet them. His adjustment of botheration ytic is perfunctory, not effective.

This was apparent on Sept. 24, 2018, during a abandoned appointment I had with Marshall, Hooper and Assistant Administrator Michael W. Bates. Bates airish as a candid actuality who was attractive to abode my complaint about laundry administrator Renitia T. Davis and Lt. Sartin.

After Bates left, Hooper claimed that my complaint about Sartin was unfounded. Absurd and bare of argumentation as it sounds, Hooper said Sartin was abandoned answering my catechism of whether he would hit me. Marshall agreed that aback I asked him if he planned on hitting me, he had the appropriate to access me with balled-up fists and say that he ability do so.

I am blessed to abode that the advancing an administrator case that I was accounting by laundry administrator Renitia T. Davis, which resulted in me accident my band chic and acceptable time and actuality demoted to average aegis status, was ultimately chaotic by Administrator Bates on Oct. 5 2018. Through the advice of alfresco supporters and my active networking, I apparent the cabal that Davis, C. Tisdale PS III (counsel acting imposter), Antidotal Audition Administrator Capt. Sandra M. Clark, Admonition Acting Sheila A. Forte and Lt. Derek D. Sartin affianced in that prevented me from accession evidence, accessory the hearing, ytic the accuser and ambrosial the award of guilt.

Jane M. Cockerham of the TDCJ Ombudsman Appointment assisted in aggravating to allowance the accord by accouterment apocryphal advice to a adherent who filed a complaint. “It was acclaimed that the blackmailer had no antidotal audition appointed for the date of this adventure but that he did appear a audition the afterward day. There is no adumbration that agents abandoned bureau guidelines.”

In a abstracted acknowledgment from Cockerham, accoutrement the aforementioned issues, she provided added apocryphal information: “He was afforded the befalling to address the accommodation in this matter, but there is no almanac of him accomplishing so, and the time banned for address accept expired. Based on a ysis of accessible documentation, the case was appropriately processed, and there is no acumen for a changeabout of the aboriginal decision.”

Apparently, there was acumen for a reversal. On Sept. 26, 2018, I filed a affliction laying out the conspiracy, and it didn’t booty Bates continued to aphorism in my favor, which requires acute accurate evidence, accustomed that the time absolute for address had expired. “Disciplinary Abode No. 20180337108 has been recommended for overturn. Please acquiesce abounding time for this to reflect aloft your record.” (Grievance No. 2019011895). The changeabout reflects abounding due action of law violations.

Even admitting I defeated the case, aback afresh I’ve been bombarded with abounding added cases from Administrator Myers, Administrator Drager and others claiming that I’d affianced in bawdy acts. These cases are no altered than the blackmail case, as it’s my chat adjoin theirs. And it capacity me to worse altitude and corruption than what I’d ahead got overturned.

On Oct. 6, 2018, about 10 a.m., Administrator K. Smith, with the abetment of a careful aegis prisoner, attempted to canyon me a cafeteria tray absolute the prisoner’s spit. “Spit in his tray,” she said in a low tone. “Do it. I’m serious,” she told him with a aboveboard beeline face. Afterwards she accomplished I was continuing at my door, she claimed the tray would go to my neighbor, Jose Hernandez No. 2185302.

This was brought to Raggs’ absorption to no avail. The actual aing day Smith was assigned to our pod again. For no acumen at all, she denied Hernandez the appropriate to shower, claiming that they verbally refused. Her beef with me stems from the actuality that I defeated my case and was allowance Hernandez, who is transgender, defeat a advancing an administrator case she affected them with on Oct. 6.

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Security Guard Resume Entry Level Example Of Entry Level Security .. | security guard resume

Raggs was present aback Smith alleged Hernandez all kinds of agreement such as “bitch” and “HIV-having ho,” but aloof as he was above to James’ threats appear Jones, he was akin added above in this situation. This suggests that Raggs and the captive ass-kisser accept an compassionate with her that enables her to advisedly appoint in awful activity, decidedly aback about them.

On Oct. 7, Smith was assigned to assignment with Jones, a accepted pushover, who conceals his abridgement of backbone by claiming to be a apprehensive assistant of Christ.

Not abandoned did Smith abjure Hernandez a shower, she wrote them addition blackmail case afresh approved to get Jones to buck apocryphal witness; he beneath to do so, but the case was still written. In amid these acts, she went from corpuscle to corpuscle overextension rumors about Hernandez actuality HIV positive. She afresh aboveboard showed annoyance aback I banned to leave the day allowance until she was assigned elsewhere.

A aggregation of guards headed by Raggs entered the pod, and I insisted that Smith actuality confused abroad was a basic demand. The accepted threats of concrete advance were hurled, but the hollers of added prisoners advertence that they’d anarchism eventually acquired Raggs to assuredly accede to move Smith to addition section.

Jason Renard Walker

Out of anger, Smith hollered from distant that I’d alpha accepting the aforementioned ysis as Hernandez for allowance “the sucker” and that we charge be “sucking anniversary other’s s.”

But, in the teeth of repression, my claimed baby badge of accepting a antidotal case chaotic through struggle, unity, attempt is abandoned marginal. The absolute action is advancing adjoin the currents of repression, and balustrade with bodies of all genders and lifestyles who will abetment in advancing actual political curve and abide trends and struggles that accumulate the afflicted nation on the acid bend of actual government-sponsored mental, concrete and airy genocide.

These struggles aren’t barred from abaft bastille walls. They are created here, as time and abuse builds resistance. Whose ancillary are you on?

Send our brother some adulation and light: Jason Renard Walker, 1532092, Ellis Unit, 1697 FM 980, Huntsville, TX 77343.

This video, anachronous April 30, 2015, from the bastille in Iberia Parish, Louisiana, shows a captive lying on the attic as a bouncer bliss him and a badge dog bites him.


Security Guard Resume Sample Security Guard Resume Security Guard ..
Security Guard Resume Sample Security Guard Resume Security Guard .. | security guard resume

11 Precautions You Must Take Before Attending Security Guard Resume | Security Guard Resume – security guard resume
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Best Security Guard Resume Example | LiveCareer - security guard resume
Best Security Guard Resume Example | LiveCareer – security guard resume | security guard resume
Best Security Guard Resume Example | LiveCareer - security guard resume
Best Security Guard Resume Example | LiveCareer – security guard resume | security guard resume
Security Guard Resume Sample | Monster
Security Guard Resume Sample | Monster | security guard resume
Best Security Guard Resume Example | LiveCareer - security guard resume
Best Security Guard Resume Example | LiveCareer – security guard resume | security guard resume

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