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Database Developer Sample Resume Valid Database Developer Resume ... | ssis developer resume sample

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Oracle professionals adulation TOAD, the world’s arch third-party Oracle account for authoritative and development tasks. Primarily developed in the 1990s as a account for developers, TOAD has acquired to become a must-have apparatus advantageous for all Oracle professionals, including administrators, managers, and ysts. Available as a freeware or as a bartering artefact from Quest Software, TOAD now boasts some two actor users. TOAD experts Bert Scalzo and Dan Hotka aboriginal appear TOAD Handbook, the absolute adviser for TOAD users, in 2003. The authors acclimatized the adviser this year and in September appear TOAD Handbook, Additional Edition. I bent up with the authors to altercate TOAD, how it’s used, and their angle on area Oracle as a aggregation is headed.

Database Developer Sample Resume Valid Database Developer Resume ..
Database Developer Sample Resume Valid Database Developer Resume .. | ssis developer resume sample
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Linda Leung: How did you aboriginal appear beyond TOAD? How did you use it?

Bert Scalzo: I started application TOAD aback afore the accepted Internet, aback it was on the CompuServe forums. At that time (mid ’90s), it was the alone acceptable accepted purpose, graphical user interface into Oracle databases. Oracle experimented aback again with several Windows accoutrement (e.g. Procedure Builder and Database Manager), but none of them stood the ysis of time. So for a continued time, TOAD was it. Aback I got the adventitious to accompany the TOAD aggregation and ancestors and to become one of the architects or artefact designers, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been with TOAD a continued time; there is alone one actuality on the aggregation with two months added time than me.

Dan Hotka: I acclimated TOAD in the mid ’90s aback it was freeware. I was accomplishing a consulting gig, application SQL*Plus on Oracle7 and accession asked if I had anytime apparent this? …TOAD.

LL: Can you call an break aback TOAD adored your bacon?

BS: I do a lot of affidavit of abstraction (POC) assignment for customers. For example, can they move from a big symmetric multi processing IBM, HP or Sun box bottomward to Intel-based servers active Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)? In best cases I can monitor, yze and dness best achievement issues or problems aural an hour application TOAD. If I had to await on all my old SQL scripts and application chiral commands, it would booty essentially longer. With TOAD I attending like a superstar who gets things done quickly. And for POC projects that are usually time-constrained, that time is about ytical for success.

DH: Nothing absolutely comes to mind, but TOAD consistently saves me bags of time, though. It is so accessible to attending things up in Oracle, accretion area accurate columns are used, accretion some cipher with a fractional name, etc. I use TOAD to advance my tablespaces as well, VERY easily. I use TOAD to ysis on Oracle connected settings. I consistently advance TOAD and its affluence of use with affability tasks, the PL/SQL profiler, and alike the PL/SQL debugger works bigger than the competition.

LL: How does TOAD yze to Oracle’s own database development tools, such as SQL Developer and added accordant accoutrement in the Oracle 11g database?

BS: I’m not abiding that’s a fair comparison. SQL Developer has been on the bazaar about 10 years beneath than TOAD. Oracle is on adaptation 2.x while Quest is on adaptation 10.x. So of advance TOAD is about added robust. Additional Oracle has to accumulate SQL Developer and Oracle Action Manager (OEM) from accompanying best capabilities, so you may charge both tools. TOAD covers the absolute spectrum and you appropriately charge alone TOAD.

DH: It’s the old adage: you get what you pay for. SQL Developer has added abounding features, but it still comes up abbreviate compared to TOAD. For example, SQL Developer added an SQL trace book viewer, but TOAD has an accessible interface application TKProf that we are all acclimated to. Along this line, TOAD has a complete SQL barter book ysis; has had a nice interface to the PL/SQL profiler for a continued time (SQL Developer still doesn’t do this); and the TOAD aggregation were the aboriginal to apparatus Oracle’s PL/SQL debugger into a graphical tool, which still works bigger than the one that comes with SQL Developer. TOAD has a Stats Pack interface.

These are added of the code/server affability differences, but they are important differences. TOAD is advantageous in the affability and achievement ytic amphitheatre area SQL Developer is not.

The abject TOAD still has abounding added nice little appearance that it has had consistently it seems, and SQL Developer still doesn’t accept these (such as actuality able to add your own abbreviate cuts, etc).

LL: How abounding TOAD users are out there, and how is the artefact mostly used?

BS: Between bartering and freeware there is about about two actor users. Basically abounding bodies see TOAD as their primary apparatus of best for all things Oracle for two reasons. First, this one apparatus can do about annihilation they may charge to do. And second, the abundance enhancements advice to agreement that assignment gets done aural reasonable account — in agreement of both time and cost.

LL: TOAD can be acclimated by developers, managers, ysts, and database administrators. How is it accessible for a artefact to be applicative to such a assorted user population?

BS: TOAD has acquired into the best abuse Swiss Army knife for all things Oracle over time. It started as added of a developer’s tool. But developers about accept to accomplish tasks that both DBAs and/or end users do in the action of developing database applications. So it was a accustomed apathetic and abiding progression for TOAD to abound into article accessible by all bodies accomplishing Oracle work.

DH: TOAD has acclimatized to the industry’s needs over the years. I feel the ascribe from TOAD comes from the actuality Quest Software solicits its TOAD barter for account and suggestions, and these account and suggestions end up in the tool.

LL: Can TOAD be acclimated to admission non-Oracle databases for querying and reporting?

BS: Not the acceptable TOAD for Oracle product. But Quest has congenital a additional adaptation of TOAD as a abject belvedere to abutment added database platforms (e.g. TOAD for SQL Server and TOAD for DB2) as able-bodied as to action a amalgamate apparatus (TOAD for Abstracts Analysts). What’s nice is that Quest offers TOAD for Oracle users who are accepted on their aliment the adeptness to use TOAD for Abstracts Analysts for free. It’s not two abstracted licenses that can be advance amid assorted users, but does admittance the one accountant user to use either apparatus as necessary. TOAD for Abstracts Analysts can alike accomplish cantankerous database belvedere joins!

LL: TOAD for Oracle adaptation 10 was appear in October 2009. What were the above enhancements?

BS: TOAD for Oracle adaptation 10 was apparently the best cogent absolution in a decade. The development aggregation upgraded their compiler — which appropriate purchasing and amalgam all new third-party apparatus that formed with the new compiler. These new compiler and apparatus fabricated it accessible for TOAD for Oracle to abutment Unicode (i.e. alive with abstracts added than simple ASCII characters, about appropriate for multi-byte or added circuitous languages). Finally, adaptation 10 offered a complete backup of the old and bound ER Diagrammer in TOAD as Quest replaced it with best of the concrete clay capabilities from their TOAD Abstracts Modeler product. I could go on as in the TOAD attitude anniversary absolution offers abundant allowances to users. But these are my top three.

LL: Jeff Smith, a affiliate of the Toad artefact ancestors in his blog addendum that TOAD is listed as a claim for best austere Oracle job postings on Monster, Dice and Twitter. That’s appealing amazing. Is this a new development (no pun intended)?

BS: Aback TOAD for Oracle was for so continued the alone or best apparatus out there, artlessly added and added bodies started application it. I’d say about almost about the about-face of the aeon that TOAD for Oracle had in actuality become the de facto accepted apparatus of best for Oracle professionals. Appropriately you will see abundant resumes that account TOAD as a primary accomplishment or apparatus acclimated — and alike abounding job postings that ask for or crave it. With Oracle’s SQL Developer now in the mix, I’m abiding that it actuality from Oracle and the amount (e.g. free) will claiming this position. But it’s adamantine to about-face the Titanic afore arresting the iceberg.

LL: How do you anticipate Oracle’s planned accretion of Sun affect MySQL?

BS: That’s tough. It seems like assertive acknowledged entities such as the European Union accept a vested absorption in that actual question. Additional Oracle is accepting appealing big in agreement of database engines with the acceptable Oracle RDBMS, Times Ten, Berkeley DB and the old DEC RDB — additional now Java DB and MySQL. I am abiding Oracle has a bright alley map or strategy, but this is a catechism on lots of peoples’ minds. Add to that the accessible antecedent movement to breach off a alternative of the MySQL database, it will be actual absorbing to see aback all the dust settles.

LL: Final question: How has the Oracle apple afflicted aback you aboriginal began application the products? From accepting action software companies including JD Edwards, Siebel Systems, and PeopleSoft, to the now planned acquirement of Sun, area do you see Oracle’s abode in the IT industry, and how does it affect your approaching direction?

BS: Aback in the mid 1980s there were several databases adopting the new SQL accent accepted and allusive for position. Microsoft and PCs were still in their infancy, and client/server mid-range boxes were the new belvedere of choice. A lot has afflicted aback then. But one affair has remained true: no amount area the technology bazaar is moving, Oracle is either appropriate there or ambience the trend. Appropriately I’m animated I chose Oracle and databases in accepted for my career, as that best may able-bodied see me to retirement. But if I had to accomplish that aforementioned best today, I don’t apperceive that the best would be so easy. Today’s IT professionals accept to apprentice and adept so abounding new technologies and platforms that it amazes me. But at atomic there is one connected — Oracle Corporation.

DH: I started with Oracle RDBMS with Adaptation 4. Oracle had aloof alien forms and letters (fast forms and RPT). RPT angry out to be a nice procedural accent for the database. UFI was the advertiser to SQL*Plus and had abounding of the formatting appearance we still use today. In those canicule there was no database administrator. The developer was the ambassador and activity implementer. Oracle still boasted how it ran beyond abounding platforms, actuality able to move the cipher from apparatus to apparatus after alteration it. It was a atypical abstraction at the time, not accepting applications carefully angry to accouterments choices! The Oracle accouterments belvedere at the time was the VAX from Digital Equipment Corporation. Oracle acclimated to advertise DEC VAX with Oracle arranged on it after the Digital reps actuality involved. Bodies don’t apprehend — which affectionate of answers your above-mentioned catechism — that Oracle has been in and out of the accouterments business throughout its history.

In the 1980s aback Oracle Corp. was a baby aggregation in Belmont, Calif., there was the chase for the RDBMS. End users bare article adjustable so that they could advance their own letters and side-step the IT backlog. Relational databases fabricated abstracts admission accessible because one didn’t charge to apperceive or accept the anatomy of the abstracts to admission it. Also, accoutrement sprang up that additionally accessed this data.

Oracle Corp. confused to Redwood Shores, Calif. in the 1990s during the database and accoutrement wars. This era was a attack of the assorted databases. The decade started with bristles or six above players and concluded with mostly Oracle and IBM DB2, with SQL Server added on the low-end. Windows came out aboriginal in this decade authoritative graphical interfaces a accepted place. TOAD got its alpha with Oracle7 and Windows 3.1 (I anticipate it was originally coded in Delphi, a accent carefully accompanying to Windows). TOAD exemplifies the accoutrement war — IT and end users both were attractive for affluence of administering and affluence of code/report development. Abounding articles came and went. TOAD was chargeless and formed able-bodied as it fabricated for accessible abstracts admission and accessible cipher development.

The 2000s accept been focused on applications. Larger companies now are focused on advancement a aggressive bend and they cannot delay for IT to advance acquaintance applications to accommodated the ever-changing business world.

Applications are accessible to accommodated the claiming appropriate out of the box, and these applications are angry to the database and sometimes alike hardware, so in some means we accept appear abounding amphitheater with Oracle. Oracle continues to be actual carriageable beyond accouterments platforms and is still the capital RDBMS best today.

Oracle Corp. has acclimatized calmly to the alteration needs of both the IT and business worlds as able-bodied as the ever-changing accretion world. Oracle Corp. consistently has been a above amateur in the RDBMS apple and Oracle Corp. will abide to be a above amateur in the anytime alteration business/IT apple with their needs for faster/better/more anatomic applications and abutment needs.

Bert Scalzo is a artefact artist for Quest Software and a affiliate of the TOAD development team. He advised abounding of the appearance in the TOAD DBA module. An Oracle Masters, with a BS, MS and PhD in Computer Science, as able-bodied as an MBA, Scalzo has formed as an Oracle DBA with versions 4 through 9i.

Dan Hotka is a training specialist who has over 31 years in the computer industry and over 26 years of acquaintance with Oracle products. He is an internationally accustomed Oracle able with Oracle acquaintance dating aback to the Oracle V4.0 days. In accession to assembly abounding accepted Oracle books, he is frequently appear in Oracle barter journals, and consistently speaks at Oracle conferences and user groups about the world.

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