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Dance Coach Resume Examples Example Resume for College Valet ... | dance coach resume

9 Things You Should Know Before Embarking On Dance Coach Resume | Dance Coach Resume

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For years now — ysis that, decades — the aspect of Duke basketball and the actuality of Mike Krzyzewski accept been soldered. Singular. The two are one: added abstract alliance than employer-employee partnership. 

Dance Coach Resume Examples Example Resume for College Valet ..
Dance Coach Resume Examples Example Resume for College Valet .. | dance coach resume

You anticipate Duke, you anticipate K; you anticipate K, you anticipate Duke. He won’t abide the association. He congenital the affairs into a behemoth, angry the Blue Devils into the best hated-but-also-begrudgingly-respected academy hoops aggregation in history, and afresh about forth the way Krzyzewski became Duke Basketball in anatomical form. In retrospect, alike his 10-year administration of USA Basketball acquainted like an addendum of the Duke brand. 

He’s considered, by far, the best able man in academy basketball. There is no replacing such a figure. 

But addition has to chase him. 

It’s adamantine to anticipate how that’s all activity to go, but go it must. When? Nobody knows, and that’s allotment of the acute atmosphere with Duke. Krzyzewski’s assured retirement will accomplish for massive news, but who’s to say if that’s advancing in 2020, 2026 or about in between? If Krzyzewski has a eyes for an end-game, he’s kept those affairs about abandoned to himself and potentially his family. Retirement doesn’t assume approaching — not like we’d apperceive that anyway; that can arrest recruiting — but the man is 71. Krzyzewski is acutely in the winter of his career, alike as he continues to recruit at as aerial a akin as ever. 

But we will get to a day aback Duke men’s basketball is not run by Mike Krzyzewski, article that hasn’t been accurate aback March 17, 1980. Whenever that happens, it will be one of the added tracked and arresting successions in academy sports history. Truly, it could be the best pressure-packed acceptance to the arch anytime in academy athletics.

CBS Sports is alive a six-part alternation on the half-dozen men’s academy basketball teams that accept alive Hall of Fame coaches arch their corresponding programs. We’re ytical anniversary drillmaster and school’s situation, how and aback they ability leave their posts, and reasonable candidates who could accomplish them. This is added than a academic d on who’s next; the alternation is demography a big-picture attending at the altered claiming adverse anniversary of the six schools. Aboriginal up is an ysis of what awaits at Duke.

There’s no cogent aback Krzyzewski will adhere it up, and what about how he’ll do it? Will he seek to accord Duke the easiest alteration accessible by announcement it able-bodied afore his final season? If that happened, it would alert a commemorative adieu tour, which sources accept told me is not article Krzyzewski is abnormally agog on accepting to go through. 

There is the achievability of a John Wooden-type exit: Krzyzewski coaches out his final year at Duke in secret, abandoned absolute his retirement affairs at the actual end of the season, if not a few canicule afterwards it’s over. Or conceivably he’ll drillmaster out his final division afterwards authoritativeness that it will be his final division as he goes through it. One antecedent said Krzyzewski has accomplished such an age that he’s taken to evaluating his affairs and the accompaniment of his activity and career afterwards the coercion and agitation of a division has passed. If that was the case, ability we see a backward April/early May sendoff?

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Resume Samples Dance Teacher Resume Sample Dance Resume Examples .. | dance coach resume

When you’re Mike Krzyzewski, there is no absolute day or ages to cut ties. But so continued as bloom issues don’t impede the proceedings, whatever is done, K will aim to do it in a way that best stabilizes Duke. And yet: his health. He’s had six surgeries in the accomplished 2 1/2 years. Krzyzewski still seems absolutely alive and active and aggressive in his post, but every time Duke announces a charge for Krzyzewski to abide a procedure, it surfaces questions about his shelf activity as a coach.

How continued can he go? Does K appetite to become the aboriginal drillmaster anytime at a aloft program, and one of the few men in history, to still be apprenticeship basketball at 80? If he wants that, can he physically get there? If he can and does, it agency Duke will still be accomplished by Mike Krzyzewski in 2027. That’s extraordinary to consider. 




Entering 39th at Duke, entering 44th all-embracing

Career almanac

1,027-279 at Duke; 1,100-338 all-embracing

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Dance Teacher Resume Fresh Resume Model For Teachers Inspirational .. | dance coach resume

Final Fours


NCAA Tournaments


NCAA titles


Hall of Fame consecration


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Strength And Conditioning Coach Resume Examples Words Technical .. | dance coach resume

We’re acclamation this, of course, because in contempo years the catechism of who will get the abandoned amusement and unenviable burden of afterwards K has become a absolute point of absorption in academy basketball circles. There apparently isn’t a job in academy sports with added concern abaft Who’s Next. Accustomed his stature, accustomed that his name’s on the abuse court, accustomed that he has a case for actuality the greatest drillmaster in men’s academy basketball history, it’s continued been accepted that Krzyzewski will accept cogent say in his selecting his almsman and that said almsman will appear from his apprenticeship tree.  

Who ability that be, and will alfresco factors accept cogent access on who ultimately takes the clipboard from Krzyzewski? Industry sources — and those who accept formed for K — abundantly accede on the applicant basin at this stage. It’s about absolutely activity to be a aloft Duke player/Duke abettor and yet, it’s about absolutely not activity to be anyone currently on the Duke bank now. Duke administration Nate James, Jon Scheyer and Chris Carawell are all yet to assignment as arch coaches. There is a aloft K abettor who’s begin success, conceivably so abundant that he won’t retreat aback to college: Quinn Snyder, who’s advancing with the Utah Jazz. He may be an NBA-only guy from actuality on out.

Duke has the cull to abduction the absorption of about any huge name in basketball, but at this point, those targets aren’t bright nor is the administration’s intentions on attractive alfresco the fraternity of Drillmaster K. 

So as of now there is a charge amidst the Duke alumni and at this point it’s adamantine to anticipation any accurate baton — because the variables surrounding anniversary applicant could be altered two years from now, let abandoned four or five.

Currently: Drillmaster at Marquette

Résumé: Wojciechowski, 42, is about to access his fifth division with the Golden Eagles. He’s fabricated one NCAA Tournament and carries a 73-59 record. Wojciechowski starred at Duke, area he played from 1994-98 and becoming the moniker “Wojo.” He was the NABC Defensive Amateur of the Year in 1997-98. From 1999-2014, Wojciechowski was an abettor beneath Krzyzewski, authoritative him one of the longest tenured administration in Duke history.  

Why it could be him: Industry sources in contempo years accept maintained a acceptance that Wojciechowski is a slight admired to acreage the Duke gig. Krzyzewski’s accord with Wojo, dating aback to his arena days, has continued been accustomed as one of his closest. Whenever Krzyzewski leaves, if Wojciechowski is in a position of reasonable success at Marquette, that could be his launchpad for a acknowledgment to Durham.

Why it wouldn’t be him: If Marquette continues to alive activity on the balloon and makes added NITs than NCAA Tournaments, it could affect Wojo’s affairs vs. added candidates who ability appear to accept added constant success as arch coaches. Accepting the Duke job will crave added than Drillmaster K’s endorsement; the almsman is about absolutely activity to accept to accompany a acceptable clue almanac as a drillmaster in a ability conference. 

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Dance Instructor Resume Sample | Diplomatic-Regatta – dance coach resume | dance coach resume

Currently: Drillmaster at Pittsburgh

Résumé: Capel has a 162-110 record, with antecedent stops at VCU (2002-06) and Oklahoma (2006-11). Capel fabricated the Elite Eight in 2009 with a Sooners aggregation led by Blake Griffin. His administration at Oklahoma concluded amidst after-effects of recruiting violations fabricated by his staff. Capel was never active in the wrongdoing; a adventurous of transfers ultimately torpedoed the program. He played at Duke from 1993-97 and served as an abettor to Krzyzewski from 2011-18.

Why it could be him: Capel, 43, has a lot of arch apprenticeship acquaintance already and by the time Krzyzewski retires, he abstracts to accept alike more, so continued as Pitt is succeeding. Plus, Capel’s acceptability as a recruiter of premier, best aptitude ascended in contempo years as Duke always landed top-two classes and competed with (while occasionally beating) Kentucky annually on the recruiting trail. 

Why it wouldn’t be him: If Capel’s to be the guy, he bare to booty addition apprenticeship job. And in Pitt, he’s got a abundant befalling — with no assurances it works. If Capel apprehension up treading baptize or worse with the Panthers, it’s advised absurd that he’d be tagged as Krzyzewski’s almsman of the throne.  

Currently: Drillmaster at Northwestern

Résumé: Is already a fable at Northwestern acknowledgment to apprenticeship the Wildcats to the program’s aboriginal NCAA Tournament actualization in academy history. That came in 2017 and included a win, to boot. Overall, Collins is 88-77 in bristles seasons at Northwestern. 

Why it could be him: Frankly, if Collins apprehension up accepting Northwestern aback to a brace added NCAA Tournaments (and wins a few added amateur in the Big Dance), it’s activity to outshine any added candidates’ résumé offerings with the barring of a Final Four appearance. Historically, Northwestern is so inept that if Collins is able of befitting up in the Big Ten and authoritative NU relevant, that’s a huge accomplishment.

Why it wouldn’t be him: Personally, I’m not absolute assertive Collins, 44, would run to the Duke job — or that he’d be in position to booty it aback it becomes available. Ability he get absorbed at afterward in his father’s footsteps instead? Doug Collins formed in the NBA for years, of course. Alike if Chris doesn’t get afforded a arch job in the pros, maybe he’d try alive as an abettor or in addition capacity, even. His access are abysmal and options assume to be plentiful.  

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Dance Teacher Resume 12OZX Gallery Of Resume Example French Teacher .. | dance coach resume

Currently: Drillmaster at Arizona Accompaniment

Résumé: Has a 92-67 almanac in bristles seasons as a coach, including demography the University of Buffalo to its aboriginal NCAA Tournament in academy history in 2015. In 2017-18, Hurley got Arizona Accompaniment to the NCAA Tournament and brought the affairs to a top-three baronial in the acclamation in December. 

Why it could be him: Well, booty it from Notre Dame drillmaster Mike Brey, who’s a aloft Krzyzewski abettor — and the final Krzyzewski abettor to not be a aloft Duke player. Last season, Brey told me he anticipation Hurley’s all-embracing amalgamation was the best fit for Duke in its alteration out of the Krzyzewski Age. Hurley, 47, is one of the best players in affairs history (he’s still the best NCAA baton in assists) and was a key amount on Duke’s aboriginal two civic appellation teams in 1991 and 1992. 

Why it wouldn’t be him: Hurley burns hot, a appearance affection that’s also, at times, a flaw. Afresh again, his outbursts adjoin admiral aren’t too abounding shades removed from K, who’s been accepted to bite a few ears. If Hurley charcoal a firecracker on the amusement to the point area it brings ASU some acerb publicity, it could affect his chances. There’s article abroad to consider: Hurley was never an abettor at Duke. Afterwards arena in the NBA, he formed beneath his brother, Dan, at Wagner and Rhode Island afore accepting the Buffalo job. Accepting not spent time on Krzyzewski’s agents could be a acquisition blockade. 

Currently: Drillmaster at Harvard

Résumé: Amaker, 53, has by far the centermost apprenticeship accomplishments of any applicant listed. He’s been at Seton Hall, Michigan and Harvard, accumulation for 22 years (including this accessible season) account of experience. In that time Amaker’s accumulated a 387-257 almanac and fabricated the NCAA Tournament bristles times, four of which accept appear at Harvard which, above-mentioned to Amaker’s arrival, was exceptional of. 

Why it could be him: Amaker is agnate to Johnny Dawkins, who is now apprenticeship at UCF. Those two were the best important recruits of Krzyzewski’s career in that their commitments to Duke anguish up affective the affairs to civic bulge and a cord of Final Four appearances in the 1980s. If Duke seeks to change the bouncer and wants addition who resembles Krzyzewski’s angel as a baton and puts an accent on an age-old adept to handle the immense burden that comes with the job, Amaker would accomplish faculty — so continued as Harvard continues to comedy aloft the Ivy League and accomplish a few added NCAA Tournaments. 

Why it wouldn’t be him: Let’s say Krzyzewski goes addition bristles years. By then, Amaker is 58. Would Duke appetite to accompany in a drillmaster animadversion on the aperture of 60 years old? Agism sometimes plays a agency in these hirings, abnormally at the better programs. What’s more, Amaker’s success at Harvard will not absolutely adumbrate his shortcomings at two abundant bigger jobs, admitting jobs he took conceivably afore he was accessible for them. 

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Dance Resume Template Dance Instructor Resume Samples Visualcv .. | dance coach resume

As you’ll see with anniversary of our installments in this series, the TBD timeline with retirement is the best ytical agency in all of this. If Krzyzewski, for whatever academic reason, is affected to retire nine months from now, the basin of candidates will apparently be the names you see above. But if he goes until 2024, there could calmly be a bandy of two or three names off this account for others not mentioned. By then, guys like Scheyer and James could be in play. 

What’s ample to be automatic: Duke is activity to avenue the K era by extending his bequest with one of his aloft players. For as huge as the affairs is, and the actuality it would get about any drillmaster to booty its call, the better names in basketball are absurd to be actively courted here. Programs like Kansas and Kentucky will be in position to that. At Duke, they’ll accumulate it aural the alliance which, obviously, allows for no assurances that the affairs will be able to advance its platinum cachet in the actual years afterwards arguably the greatest career in basketball apprenticeship comes to an end.

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