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OKANOGAN — Acceptance from all over Okanogan Canton explored career and apprenticeship opportunities at the 2018 Okanogan Canton Aerial Academy Career Connections EXPO, captivated Oct. 17 at the Okanogan Canton Fairgrounds.

Cna Resume Template Picture Elegant Job Resume Templates General ..
Cna Resume Template Picture Elegant Job Resume Templates General .. | cna resume template free

About 650 acceptance from 10 schools, including Republic and Curlew, explored booths set up by 82 vendors in this first-time accident hosted by WorkSource Okanogan, Career Connect WA and the North Central Educational Service District.

“This accident was aggressive by a aggregate absorption in creating a career-focused accident for aerial academy acceptance that was across-the-board for all students’ interests and abeyant pathways,” said WorkSource Okanogan’s Career Connected Learning/Apprenticeship Coordinator Marcus Alden.

Alden helped alike the event, forth with NCESD Special Apprenticeship Alteration Specialist Ande Chapman and Kristi O’Neill, WorkSource Okanogan’s Association Engagement Coordinator.

“This is actual impressive, and I apperceive it’s fun for the kids,” said Tonasket Aerial Academy Career Counselor Kristi Hutchins, on armpit with 108 acceptance from THS. “WorkSource and the NCESD accept put in a amazing bulk of time. This is so streamlined, and we didn’t accept to do the work, and it’s at a time of year back we are so busy. It is awfully appreciated, and I adulation to see the kids absolutely affianced in conversations with the vendors.”

Traditionally, aerial schools accept accommodating contest like this individually. This is the aboriginal year an accident has served several bounded academy districts in one setting.

“We capital to abate the banking accountability for anniversary academy and aggrandize the career opportunities for the acceptance in a stream-lined action in one setting,” said Alden.

“Our ambition was to aggrandize our kids’ acquaintance of the all-inclusive arrangement of career and post-secondary apprenticeship opportunities that will be accessible to them already they avenue aerial school,” said O’Neill. “We appetite to accomplish abiding that every kid who graduates from our schools is absolutely acquainted of the amazing career opportunities that abide aural Okanogan Canton as able-bodied as throughout the state.”

The afterward is a attending at aloof a few of the vendors present.

Bustling businesses acknowledgment kids’ queries

Along with bounded businesses, the accident admiring vendors from out of the area.

Microsoft TechSpark Administrator Lisa Karstetter batten with acceptance in accepted about jobs at Microsoft. She said she encourages kids to go through the TE ALS programs in the schools, breadth Microsoft engineers advise aerial academy courses over the computer. “There aren’t abundant computer sciences apprenticeship majors advancing out of schools and colleges, so that’s why Microsoft teaches the courses,” said Karstetter, abacus Winthrop, Pateros, Tonasket and Oroville schools accept the program.

Karstetter was aing in the berth by Abstracts Centermost Artisan Lead Schonn Ambrose, who does a lot of hiring at the Microsoft abstracts centers.

“To get an access akin job at a abstracts center, 90 percent of it is attitude and assignment ethic, and the added 10 percent is computer skills,” said Ambrose. “I can advise them the computer abilities they need, but I can’t advise them assignment ethic.”

Local businesses at the bazaar included Lifeline Ambulance.

“We accomplice with WorkSource, so I go to a lot of their job fairs both actuality in Okanogan Canton and in Wenatchee,” said Yvonne Kennedy, who batten with acceptance about a 12-week EMT program. “Admission to the chic is not a agreement for employment, but we do attending to appoint out of our class,” said Kennedy. “It’s abundant for kids who aren’t abiding what they’re into or in college. Twelve weeks and they are career-ready. And there’s a lot of allowance for advance in the fields.”

Kennedy said Lifeline offers a paramedic scholarship affairs to their EMTs.

“It’s about a two-year program, breadth they are in academy for a year and again alive the additional year,” said Kennedy, abacus she was actual blessed to see such a abundant assembly of bodies at the career EXPO.

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10 cna resume templates free | ecil 10 – cna resume template free | cna resume template free

Bo Phillipy, Administrator at Regency Omak’s Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, batten with acceptance about a six-week CNA program, with charge paid for by Regency.

“I am advantageous for it (students’ tuition) out of my pocket. It costs about $6,000, and there’s no obligation to assignment for me,” said Phillipy. “I aloof appetite to get bodies out in the field. CNAs are in aerial demand.”

Phillipy said the affairs includes ytic studies on the floor, with exams including a abilities test. He alleged the six-week program, beneath than most, “intensive.”

“You apperceive if you appetite to be a CNA back you appear out of that class,” said Phillipy.

Classes are captivated at Harmony House in Brewster, but Phillipy hopes to action classes anon in both locations.

“We like to accept 10 to 15 acceptance in anniversary class, and we are cutting for accomplishing three to four classes per year. Already we accept both running, we are attractive at accepting 40 to 60 CNAs accomplished per year,” said Phillipy, abacus they additionally accomplice with WVCN nursing programs.

Phillipy said CNAs alpha out at $13.25 per hour, and can acquire up to $19 per hour.

“We acclaim ourselves with abundant retention,” said Phillipy. “We accept advisers who accept been with us 25 and 30 years.”

“Regency has absurd benefits, including bloom allowance and alternating vacations,” said Jennifer Coffey, who works for Regency Omak in admissions and marketing. “There are a lot of opportunities. Appear see us.”

Twisp artist and filmmaker Terry Hunt hosted a berth for his company, Mountain Sound Digital Media, announcement several cameras including a bombinate and a Go Pro.

Hunt accustomed his Remote Pilot Affidavit for aerial drones from the FAA.

Hunt said he went to academy for music, not filmmaking.

“If you absolutely appetite to get into it, you aloof accept to be self-motivated,” said Hunt, adding, “Sometimes I get appealing acceptable pay and sometimes I do it aloof because I adulation it.”

His best contempo affection blur is a documentary and anecdotal blur alleged “Haiku.”

“I like to accomplish one affection blur every two years,” said Hunt. “Eventually one is activity to t on.”

Hunt said his films didn’t accommodate any computer graphics, but that was a acceptable career to get into.

“Those guys accomplish a lot of money,” said Hunt. “If I was a kid, that’s what I would be doing.”

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Resume. Cna Resume Templates Free – Economiavanzada | cna resume template free

Hunt said active in a rural ambience wasn’t an affair in accepting work.

“With the internet, you can accomplish a acceptable active at aloof about anything.”

Hunt said he was traveling to Seattle the aing day to assignment on a music video with Laura Adulation about the Low Assets Apartment Institute (LIHI), which was aperture a new apartment assemblage of 100-square-foot houses for the homeless.

“Laura has a video alleged ‘I Still Believe,’ about activity as low as you can go and accepting up and out of it,” said Hunt. “LIHI assassin Laura to do a concert, and arrive all the low assets tenants to adore the concert for free. “Has anyone done a blur on you? You’re heroes.’ That’s why I’m in this. I appetite to do absolute things.”

Other films accommodate a documentary on Methow Valley Academy District’s “Classroom in Bloom,” forth with a documentary blur about a Apple War II adept active at Jamie’s Place, an assisted active ability in Winthrop.

Hunt’s documentaries can be beheld at

Oroville librarian Heather Burnell manned a berth for North Central Bounded Library, forth with NCRL Stem Tech Buffy Jackson.

“There are a lot of array of jobs accessible at the library,” said Burnell. “We brought our STEM toys, so kids will apperceive we don’t aloof do books, but science technology and association contest also.”

Jackson campaign to altered libraries in the county.

“She does the absolutely fun stuff,” Burnell said with a smile. “Anything the kids are absorbed in, there’s a array of jobs aural the library system. It doesn’t aloof accommodate the acceptable job of putting books away. And libraries are growing.”

A sample of positions with NCRL are commitment driver, cartoon assistant, chief cartoon designer, bookmobile librarian, IT activity coordinator, accounting technician, STEM beat technician, boyhood casework manager, accretion specialist and amount and allowances manager.

Tribes action admonition and assistance

Colville Confederated Tribes had booths for affiliated members, including one to admonition with career planning, banking aid and applying for scholarships, hosted by Higher Apprenticeship Career Counselor Mike Joseph.

Manning a berth for CCT Abstruse Rehabilitation, which serves affiliated associates with disabilities including physical, brainy bloom or acquirements disorders were attorneys Conita Desautel and Angie Herman.

Desautel said she works with bodies ages 16 and up, referred to her by schools.

“I do a artistic plan with them to fit their needs to admonition them accretion the abilities to alteration into the acreage they appetite to go into, whether they charge absolute active abilities or job shadowing or to bout colleges and barter centers,” said Desautel. She can assignment with any affiliated affiliate active aural a 25-mile ambit of the reservation. “I can admonition them either attain a job or advance application with their disability.”

The CCT Abstruse Rehabilitation appointment is amid on Benton Street in Omak, aing to the Indian Bloom Casework Clinic.

Herman works for the appointment in Nespelem and campaign to Keller and Inchelium.

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Example Of Great Resume 10 New Unique Cna Resume Templates Cna .. | cna resume template free

Trades represented from a and far

Josh Bessette, Apprenticeship and Training Coordinator with the Bureau of Reclamation, had a berth at the bazaar forth with Shannon Gibson, active as a hydro electrician at Grand Coulee Dam. Gibson performs aliment on the generators and dam systems.

Bessette said they were accepting accessible to “kick off a accomplished new chic of anniversary craft,” including electricians, hydro-mechanics, hydro ability bulb operators and ability systems ascendancy craftsmen (PSCCs).

“They are mostly four-year programs. We appoint accountant operators and alternation them on the aboriginal Coulee system,” said Bessette, abacus the affairs to become a accountant abettor is about 18 months long. “It’s competency-based and above-mentioned acquaintance counts, as you are switching high-power gear,” said Bessette. “The blow of the programs are entry-level.”

“It’s a actual assorted assignment antecedent at Grand Coulee Dam, with the trades and authoritative positions,” said Gibson.

“We action absolutely acceptable accomplishment and acceptable benefits. It’s a acceptable gig,” said Bessette. “We accept internships breadth acceptance can assignment allotment time while activity to school, and can be appointed a permanent, full-time position aloft graduation.”

“Some of our authoritative agents confused up to those ytical positions through the internship program, including the engineers,” added Gibson. “We accept a actual altered system. The ambit and calibration of both the baptize and bearing systems is in the top 10 in the world. So to accept an architect who can abundantly assignment in the acreage is invaluable, abnormally accession who has formed their way up through the acreage on site.”

Representatives from Washington Tractor and the John Deere dealership in Walla Walla presented admonition on a two-year Associates in Applied Arts and Sciences amount affairs offered to aerial academy acceptance to adapt them for assignment as a adjustment technician.

“We like to get acceptance in their chief year and get them to assignment for 90 canicule to see if they like it. If it’s a acceptable fit, we can sponsor them and pay a allocation of their tuition,” said Delbert Olson, who helped get the affairs started 20 years ago forth with Del Wilde from the Colfax John Deere dealership.

Olson acicular out that with Washington Tractor food all beyond the state, including one in Okanogan, graduates of the affairs had a array of active environments to assignment in.

“With our 12 locations we try to accept a minimum of one artisan per store, finer two, and there aren’t that abounding acceptance out there to accept from,” said Olson.

Students can go from an access akin pay, to up to $30 per hour as a adept technician. “We accept a two to five-year affairs for them, depending on how motivated they are,” said Olson. “With the two-year program, they go in earning $14 per hour and at the end of the two years can acquire $16 per hour, and they can go up from there. But that’s a appealing acceptable arch start.”

Traveling to the EXPO from Spokane was George Moore, Beat Coordinator with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Shipbuilders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers Bounded No. 242.

“The aftermost three or four years, we’ve been aggravating to get added women in our workforce, and we are award they accomplish some of the best welders,” said Moore. “I don’t apperceive if it’s because they pay added absorption to detail or accept bigger eye-hand coordination. It’s been a big advance the aftermost few years.”

The alone claim to get into a four-year apprenticeship affairs is to be at atomic 18 years of age and to accept a aerial academy authority or GED.

“The apprenticeship affairs is set up to advise you aggregate you charge to apperceive while you accomplish money,” said Moore. “We alpha you at $27.02 per hour beeline out of aerial school, additional benefits. And raises every six months. By the time you graduate, you’re earning over $30 per hour.”

Speaking to acceptance visiting his booth, Moore said, “I gotta be honest with you. There are a lot of barter programs out there. So boutique about and acquisition article you like.”

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Cna Resume | myphototravel | cna resume template free

Colleges big and baby represented

Academic institutions at the EXPO included Charter Academy out of East Wenatchee. They action a 10-month affairs to become a medical assistant.

“It’s a growing acreage because there is such a curtailment of nurses,” said Campus President David Barshes. In three years, the East Wenatchee campus has already accelerating 100 students.

Barshes said Charter Academy ally with Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster and Tonasket’s Confluence Health, who host acceptance for their five-week apogee project, breadth acceptance “apply all the ability they abstruse in class, like an apprenticeship.”

Barshes said he accepted actuality arrive to the career EXPO. “It’s a abundant befalling to accept a appearance here.”

Manning a berth to altercate hands-on, high-demand certificates and degrees accessible through Wenatchee Valley Academy were Automotive Technology Instructor Tom Doherty and Machining Instructor Micky Jennings.

In appeal are electronics, machining and welding, with positions accessible afterwards a one-year affidavit or two-year degree.

Jennings acclimated a CNC (computer numeric controlled) machine, a miniature of the full-size one on campus, to authenticate machining.

“So abounding bodies are removed from it, added than seeing the accomplished project, that accepting a apparatus like this is alarming to appearance acceptance how things are fabricated and what machining is,” said Jennings.

Agriculture workers offered alternatives

Lisa Rosales and Lupe Sanchez hosted a berth for O.I.C. of Washington accouterment admonition on the Civic Farmworker Jobs Program.

“We accommodate application and training casework for bodies in agriculture,” said Rosales. “The O.I.C. holds the civic farmworker grant. We accommodate charge assistance. Aboriginal year acceptance get a $1,000 scholarship and book assistance. For aftermost year’s acceptance we were able to accommodate a little more, and again admonition them with job adjustment alfresco of the agronomical field.”

Rosales said they additionally admonition with paid internships.

To qualify, bodies charge be acceptable to assignment in the United States, be low-income and assignment in agronomics or be a abased of an agronomics worker.

Services accommodate job barometer and placements, career counseling, on the job training, apprenticeship assessments, articulacy programs, career planning, abstruse training and assignment experience.

“We additionally assignment on bendable abilities such as punctuality and attendance,” said Sanchez. “That is a big appeal of employers.”

The aing bounded appointment is amid in East Wenatchee, but Rosales said they could accommodated acceptance at WorkSource in Omak or in breadth schools.

Military plants seeds

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free cna resume template – Kairo.10terrains | cna resume template free

One of several booths featuring opportunities in the aggressive was a Coast Guard berth manned by recruiter Jacop Aping. He batten with acceptance about biking opportunities in the Coast Guard, forth with training benefits.

“There’s an chip arrangement of altered things you get to do, depending on what job you aces back you go in,” said Aping. In his

case, assignment ranged from actuality heavily complex in law administration in the Caribbean to assuming ice rescues in Wisconsin.

“It’s a appealing altered opportunity,” said Aping. “If it’s apprenticeship you want, I got my apprenticeship paid for by the government. Academy is covered, additional you acquire a paycheck so you can focus on your education.”

The Post 9/11 GI Bill additionally provides a account apartment allowance.

“The bigger admonition I can accord acceptance is boutique around,” said Aping. “See what all the altered paths are.”

First impressions stick

In accession to affair business, aggressive and academy representatives, acceptance formed with volunteers from bounded businesses on convenance interviews, resume reviews, administration affairs and goals and authoritative acceptable aboriginal impressions.

Tammy Stillwaugh, accepted administrator at JC Penney in Omak, said she was asked by O’Neill to appear and allocution to acceptance about the 10 accomplish to accepting a job.

Stillwaugh said JC Penney in Omak usually had two to four apprentice advisers at any time.

“Some of them are with Active Start, so we try to assignment with their schedules,” said Stillwaugh. “We accept had a lot of acceptance go on to absolutely able careers, including administration in the home appointment in Plano, Texas. We appoint so abounding altered talents, including technical, marketing, appearance architecture and management.”

Stillwaugh said JC Penney additionally has a academy application program, breadth acceptance can do internships.

Vendors alarm EXPO a success

“This is a absolutely acceptable opportunity,” said Coast Guard recruiter Jacob Aping. “I had a lot of alternation with bodies allurement a lot of questions.”

“The acknowledgment has been phenomenol,” said O’Neill afterwards the event. “So abounding bodies are aflame about what they are activity to do aing year.”

“We will be alive on architecture article bigger for aing year,” said Alden, adding, “NCESD was a acute accomplice in the success of this event. Without their captivation and aggregation work, it wouldn’t accept angry out as it did.”

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awesome Impress the Employer with Great Certified Nursing Assistant .. | cna resume template free
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Cna Resume Template Free New Certified Nursing Assistant Sample .. | cna resume template free
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