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Editor’s Note: The afterward is Allotment 1 of a two-part alternation by the Maine Centermost for Accessible Interest Reporting ytical the attack resumes of the candidates for governor. The Republican candidates are advised first. To apprehend allotment two, absorption on the Democratic candidates, bang here.

Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Sample Monster Lpn Resume Template ..
Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Sample Monster Lpn Resume Template .. | practical nurse resume sample

The Maine Centermost for Accessible Interest Reporting has arrested documents, scoured the Internet and conducted interviews to try to actuate which claims about their backgrounds fabricated by the seven candidates for governor in the Republican primary on June 8 are true, which are apocryphal and which are exaggerated.

While abundant of a archetypal attack focuses on candidates’ stands on issues and their promises of what they will do if elected, ysis shows voters affliction as abundant or alike added about the artlessness of their statements, including their resumes.

In a 2007 Associated Press-Ipsos poll about the presidential race, 55 percent said bluntness and candor were added important than a candidate’s action positions.

The center’s ysis showed that in best cases the candidates’ resumes were factual, but there were additionally times aback they interpreted their pasts in the best accessible light.

Following is a arbitrary of the center’s allegation by candidate, in alphabetical order.

Steve Abbott

The longest branch on Steve Abbott’s resume is about football. According to Mike Archer, the able-bodied ambassador at Orono Aerial School, Abbott is “the alone amateur in the history of Orono Aerial Academy to win accompaniment championships in the three above sports of football (4), basketball (1), and baseball (1).” Former acquaintance Matt Clark accepted that the Orono football aggregation never absent a d during the four years Abbott was on the squad.

After aerial school, Abbott connected his football career at Harvard, area he was the aggregation captain. The Harvard Crimson appear that his captaincy came as a abruptness to his teammates because he “had apparent alone basal arena time his green year and because a year ago he was alone a added axle on a aggregation that rarely acclimated a aboriginal cord bound end.” Teammates accustomed his alternative to actuality “a archetypal of class” for his adamantine assignment and drive.

Full of capacity about his football career, Abbott’s resume is attenuate on his time at Pierce Atwood and as arch of agents for U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. He summarizes his 12 years alive for Collins in one sentence: “While authoritative a aldermanic agents and managing teams in Washington and Maine, Steve has helped bags of Maine businesses and people.”

Abbott supervised 50 bodies on Collins’ aldermanic agents and addition 28-30 on her Homeland Security Committee, according to the senator’s office.

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Registered Nurse Resume Template Elegant How to Write A Quality .. | practical nurse resume sample

Typically, a senator’s agents responds circadian to array of requests from constituents, so Abbott’s affirmation is acceptable factual, accustomed his 12 years of service, but it additionally could be said by best if not all aldermanic chiefs of staffs.

Abbott’s resume additionally states he ran Collins’ acknowledged aldermanic campaigns in 2002 and 2008. That’s absolutely factual: With Abbott as her attack manager, Collins won by margins of 85,000 and 160,000 respectively, the closing adjoin acclaimed agent Tom Allen.

William Beardsley

Best accepted as the admiral of Husson University in Bangor for the accomplished 22 years, Beardsley claims he “successfully oversaw the transformation of a disturbing business and nursing academy into a alive and activating university with three times the enrollment, added than fifty amount offerings and a pharmacy school.”

The advance he cites was accepted (the acceptance went from 1,081 in the abatement of 1986 to the accepted 2,800 — aing to “three times”).

The Bangor Circadian News afresh reported, “When Beardsley took over what in 1987 was a business academy with a nursing school, it was $11.5 actor in debt. A bounded coffer headed by a Husson alum had cut off the college’s band of credit, and federal regulators had threatened to alpha affairs off the college’s assets if it didn’t bound t up on its deferred debt.”

The centermost additionally accepted Beardsley’s all-encompassing association and bookish credentials, from actuality actual accomplished ambassador of the Maine Development Foundation to actuality an abettor to the governor of Vermont in the aboriginal 1970s.

Unusual amid the candidates, Beardsley’s attack resume makes no claims of actuality the best or the best or the first, added than his statements about his success at Husson.

Matt Jacobson

Aback 2006, Jacobson has been admiral and CEO of Maine & Company, a nonprofit aggregation answerable with admiring businesses to the state.

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Lpn Nurse Resume Sample All Nursing Examples | lechebnizavedenia | practical nurse resume sample

His attack website states: “Under Matt’s administration aback 2006, Maine & Aggregation has recruited several above companies to Maine including NotifyMD, athenahealth and Boston Banking Abstracts Services. These companies will amalgamate to appoint over 1,500 new employees.”

The key chat there is “will.” Accessible announcements by the three companies alleged and others referred to but not alleged do add up to affairs to appoint about 1,500.

Of the three alleged companies, which accounted for 900 of the projected 1,500 jobs, the calculation can be bent alone partially because one of three firms will not absolution application data.

Currently, 260 of a projected 600 bodies are alive at athenahealth, according to Human Resources Ambassador Natalie Brown. Sharon Cullenberg, carnality admiral of Maine Operations for NotifyMD, said 55 bodies of a projected 200 assignment for the company’s Farmington office. Boston Banking Services would not acknowledge application numbers.

Jacobson’s website advertises his affiliation to Madison amazon growers Backyard Farms. “This New York Times commodity appearance a aggregation that Matt Jacobson recruited to Maine, Backyard Farms of Madison. Real, Private-Sector Jobs!” reads the caption. According to Madison Boondocks Ambassador Norman Dean, the aggregation al-ready had absitively to locate in Madison by 2005, and Jacobson did not accompany Maine & Aggregation until 2006. Aback asked whether Maine & Aggregation had been complex in recruiting Backyard Farms to the town, he replied that he “wasn’t abiding they were actively complex in this deal.”

Ken Young, the controlling ambassador of Kennebec Valley Council of Governments, didn’t remember, either. Both men listed bargain ability from the town-owned account company, Madison Electric Works, as one of the best important affidavit Backyard Farms chose to locate there.

Backyard Farms beneath to allege on the almanac about Jacobson’s captivation with the company.

Jacobson replied he did “some abstracts on the assignment force” for the activity anon afore the groundbreaking, but that the boondocks ambassador ability not accept been acquainted of that, and some added abetment afterwards the opening.

“I wouldn’t appetite to affirmation we were the instigator, but we absolutely had article to do with it,” he said.

Before aing Maine & Company, Jacobson formed at Canadian National Railways in Chicago. The aggregation accepted Jacobson’s dates of employment, 2000-2005, but would not accommodate any added advice about achievements while at the railway. Previously, Jacobson formed as admiral and arch operating ambassador for St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad in Auburn. Ed Foley, accepted ambassador for the railroad, accepted both Jacobson’s position and that the aggregation “tripled its revenue, accretion accumulated balance by 65 percent,” as declared in Jacobson’s biography. While Jacobson was alive at St. Lawrence & Atlantic, the railroad was awarded North America’s Best Shortline Railroad by Railway Age Magazine.

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Nurse Resume Sample Elegant Registered Practical Nurse Resume Sample .. | practical nurse resume sample

Military annal affirm that Jacobson accelerating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1984 and served as a pilot in the Air Force until 1991, and accustomed assorted awards, including the Air Force Commendation Medal and the Air Force Achievement Medal. In 1991 he larboard alive assignment and aing the Air Force reserve. Afterwards abrogation the military, Jacobson accelerating with an MBA from Chapman University in California.

Paul LePage

As a adolescent boy, LePage’s bio says, he was alone by his ancestors and taken in by two families in Lewiston. Bruce Myrick, a affiliate of one of his “adopted” families, recalls bottomward LePage off at home afterwards a day spent allowance him bear Pepsi, alone to see LePage active out of the accommodation and aback to-ward his car. The accommodation was empty; his ancestors was gone. Myrick took LePage home with him. He accepted that LePage authentic himself by alive at Theriault’s Cafe and after at Antoine Rubber Co.

LePage claims that Olympia Snowe’s aboriginal husband, Peter, assertive Husson Academy to let him booty the SAT in French because of his poor English skills. The test’s administrator, the Academy Board, says the SAT cannot be translated into addition language. However according to John Richter, Sen. Snowe’s arch of staff, Peter Snowe and LePage were close, and “it wouldn’t abruptness her if Peter had done that.” Husson would not affirm the claim.

As ambassador of Waterville aback 2004, LePage says “he set himself a ambition of abbreviation taxes every year of his administration and succeeded.” Democratic Burghal Councilor Mary-Anne Beal accepted that LePage has cut taxes every year by anxiously activity through the burghal budget. According to Bert Languet, who serves on the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, LePage added Waterville’s backing day armamentarium from $1 actor to $10 million.

LePage was voted the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce’s agent of the year in 2006 and the National Federation of Independent Business’ Maine Business Champion in 2007.

His 10-plus-year administration as accepted ambassador of Marden’s abatement food is well-documented in columnist accounts. LePage’s affirmation that Marden’s is “Maine’s best accepted retail institution” ability be challenged by L.L. Bean.

“There is no one in politics, government or academia,” LePage states, “who has a broader or added applied ability of what makes Maine work.”

LePage’s almanac does appearance all-encompassing acquaintance with how one axial Maine burghal works, accepting served two agreement on Waterville’s Burghal Council and is now in his third appellation as mayor. Except for actuality on the Kennebec County account committee, though, LePage cites no added government acquaintance alfresco of Waterville, citizenry 16,000.

Peter Mills

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licensed practical nurse resume – Zoro.11terrains | practical nurse resume sample

Mills’ online resume is the best abundant of all the candidates, alignment from the amusing (he claims to be the alone agent who can do a headstand) to the wonkish — accomplishing added than anyone now in accessible account to arrest accompaniment debt.

Judy DelFranco, a Senate employee, accepted Mills has accomplished a headstand in the Senate accommodation — and no added agent did. Whether any adolescent senators could have, but chose not to, could not be determined.

The National Personnel Annal Centermost in St. Louis accepted in autograph that accompaniment Sen. Peter Mills, R-Cornville, accustomed a Naval Commendation Medal, amid others, aback he served as a abettor administrator in the Navy, although it doesn’t specify it was for intelligence assignment adjoin the Soviets as is declared in his resume.

Mills’ able accreditation and accessible account were confirmed, from his continued aldermanic account to confined now on the lath of the Coalition for Excellence in Education and the Maine Children’s Advance Council and actuality a founding affiliate of the Somerset County Economic Development Corp., for example.

He additionally claims, “No one anon in accessible account has done added to arrest accessible debt than I have. In the 1990’s, I fought relentlessly adjoin Democrats’ efforts to aggrandize the Government Facilities Authority and added mechanisms acclimated to borrow money after accessible approval.”

Mills supports that by citation examples such as banishment a accommodation on the auction of the accompaniment liquor business and actuality the arch articulation in the Legislature about the banking dangers of the accompaniment alimony liabilities — which are accepted by columnist letters and interviews.

No doubt, Mills is a arch force on debt restraint, but whether “no one” has done added than he has is the array of attack avowal that can be neither accepted nor disproved.

Les Otten

Otten’s affirmation of business success in the ski industry was abundant in a antecedent centermost story, which begin that while he started American Skiing Co., the aggregation eventually failed.

Otten has a affirmation that’s appealing admirable actuality in New England — he adored Fenway Park.

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Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Sample Monster Com New Lvn – sradd | practical nurse resume sample

His online bio states: “Les put calm an buying accumulation to buy the Boston Red Sox and served as carnality ambassador and accomplice in the authorization from 2002 to 2007 aback they won the World Alternation twice. Les spearheaded the accomplishment to save Fenway Park …”

Press letters from Boston newspapers affirm Otten was a key amateur in basic the buying group, which put calm the plan to accumulate the Sox in Fenway. Coverage at the time disconnected the above acclaim amid Otten and Sox Ambassador Tom Werner.

Otten claims a continued account of association activities, from co-founding the Western Mountains Alliance to co-founding Maine Handicapped Skiing and abounding others. All arrested out as accurate.

Bruce Poliquin

The centermost accepted his graduation from Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., and Harvard College, but was not able to actuate whether he, as he has stated, done adroitness windows to buy his textbooks, for example.

A adventure in a banking annual confirms that Poliquin was a arch in Avatar Investors Associates Corp., but could not acquisition abstracts apropos the $5 billion in alimony funds Poliquin says the aggregation managed.

He has alleged his Popham Woods development “environmentally sensitive.” About 130 of 183 acreage accept been conserved; 69 condominiums and single-family homes accept or will be congenital there, according to the project’s website.

His attack bio additionally states: “I accept started, invested in, and managed a cardinal of businesses that accept provided hundreds of jobs for Maine workers.”

After initially accordant to accumulation the centermost with acceptance material, on a added call, a Poliquin agents affiliate said the attack would not acknowledge to the center’s questions, citation objections to its antecedent belief on the gubernatorial campaign.

The account of Poliquin’s association activities, such as actuality on the lath of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, were all accepted after his staff’s assistance.

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Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – practical nurse resume sample | practical nurse resume sample

Emily Guerin of Harpswell and Nathaniel Herz of Hallowell are accidental writers for the Maine Centermost for Accessible Interest Reporting. John Christie is the administrator and chief reporter. The Maine Centermost for Accessible Interest Reporting is a detached nonprofit journalism alignment based in Hallowell. The center’s e-mail is [email protected] The website is

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