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“Compared to the affecting affliction of about accident everything, concrete affliction doesn’t accept the aforementioned effect.”

Resume Objective for Masters Program Outstanding Best Resume Samples ..
Resume Objective for Masters Program Outstanding Best Resume Samples .. | after school program resume objective

When Lauren de Crescenzo came beyond the accomplishment band aboriginal to win Utah’s Crusher in the Tushar alluvium chase in July, she told an interviewer, “I no best accept affliction receptors.”

No, the 27-year-old Boulder citizen does not accept superpowers, she aloof has a altered angle on the concrete affliction acquired by climbs such as the barbarous Col ‘d Drove than best added cyclists do.

Winning the 2018 Crusher in the Tushar capped a 2 year adventure for Lauren De Crescenzo. © Cathy Fegan-Kim

In 2016, De Crescenzo was a able cyclist starting her third year with the DNA Cycling team.

On April 2, 2016, at the San Dimas Alley Chase in California, De Crescenzo was accomplishing her job as allotment of the lead-out alternation for a teammate. Aback she pulled off aloof afore the finish, her handlebar got bent in the barrier, and she went o.t.b. into the fencing.

It was anon axiomatic it was a bad crash. Her abettor Beth Ann Orton, who is a physician’s abettor in absolute life, abandoned the chase to advice antithesis her aback and accessible her airway. De Crescenzo was airlifted to the hospital, and she spent the aing six canicule in an induced coma.

Doctors gave De Crescenzo a 50-50 adventitious of actual the crash, and she absent actuality bedridden from the legs bottomward by a millimeter.

In a breach second, she had acutely absent aggregate she loved, and as she recovered in a Denver adjust center, De Crescenzo wondered if she would anytime ride her bike again.

Lauren De Crescenzo does not accept superpowers, although one could accomplish the case that with her arresting accretion from a abhorrent crash, she does. De Crescenzo did not aloof survive the crash, aloof two years afterwards she is aback benumbed and alike antagonism her bike again.

De Crescenzo is accepting aback to pre-crash Lauren, but aback she started the Crusher in the Tushar, she brought a new angle to the line.

“I accept this absolutely altered abstraction of affliction now,” she said. “It doesn’t beggarly anything, physically. I went through so abundant added actuality it doesn’t beggarly annihilation to me anymore.”

“It was like I ashamed my anatomy for two years and Crusher was abandoned bristles hours, and I knew it was activity to end. So it was fine.”

Given a additional adventitious at life, Lauren De Crescenzo now has a additional activity in bike antagonism on alluvium roads.

The abstraction of affliction has taken on a new acceptation for Lauren De Crescenzo. 2018 Crusher in the Tushar. © Cathy Fegan-Kim

Lauren De Crescenzo grew up in Broomfield, Colorado, which is amid about centermost amid Boulder and Denver. De Crescenzo came to adulation cycling at a adolescent age, so abundant so she started a cycling club while a apprentice at Broomfield Aerial School.

After admission aerial school, De Crescenzo headed to Emory University in Atlanta to abstraction anthropology. Her alley bike came with her.

Her apprenticeship in Atlanta included her academy work, but it additionally included a blast advance in how to get fast on the bike. “I absolutely started benumbed in college,” she said about her alpha in the sport. “I absolutely absolutely started by accomplishing the accumulation rides in Atlanta. I would get abandoned every day. I aloof accustomed it as a challenge. I said, ‘This won’t appear again.’”

De Crescenzo raced for Emory University aback she was in college. photo: courtesy

As De Crescenzo tells her story, it is bright that accepting a claiming to accompany pushes her to her best. De Crescenzo accustomed the claiming of aggravating to adhere with the fast group, and in time, she was not accepting abandoned anymore.

“Lauren is a aggressive person,” DNA Cycling aggregation administrator Cathy Fegan-Kim said. “Once she focuses on her goals, Lauren is all in.”

Group rides eventually led to racing, and not alike a burst collarbone in one of her first-ever contest could accumulate her abroad from the adventure of antagonism and aggregate that comes with it. Afterwards all, abiding from an abrasion was aloof addition claiming to booty on.

Lauren De Crescenzo at her second-ever bike chase afterwards breaking her collarbone in the first. She dubs the abandoned breakaway “The Crescenzo.” photo: courtesy

De Crescenzo’s alley to acceptable a pro bike racer started aback she was arrive to a USA Cycling Talent ID Camp in Colorado Springs forth with her best acquaintance Heather Fischer. “Wow I’m the best bike racer ever, I’m activity to do the Olympics,” she said, attractive aback on her active abandon aback she got invited.

Very few cyclists ability the top of the action that quickly; the action was short-lived. “They told both of us [Fischer] that we had no potential,” De Crescenzo said. “I additionally took that as a challenge. That’s about aback I thought, Oh I should be a pro and prove these bodies wrong.”

Lauren De Crescenzo (left) with her BFF Heather Fisher (right) at the Olympic Training Center. photo: M. De Crescenzo

Two years later, De Crescenzo and Fischer able their aggregate ambition of proving the doubters wrong. De Crescenzo took third at the Nationals D2 Alley Chase in 2012 and Fischer won the D1 race. The coaches told them their FTPs were not aerial enough, but the two best accompany consistently were now antagonism for Aggregation USA in Europe.

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“Everyone abroad had abdicate bike antagonism except for us,” De Crescenzo said. “We took it as a challenge.”

De Crescenzo (third from left) raced in Europe with Aggregation USA. This photo is from the 2014 Krasna Lipa, area De Crescenzo accomplished 4th. “I anticipation I was a god,” she said. photo: Jack Seehafer

“Things absolutely took off from there,” she continued. “I was able to acquaint teams that I raced in Belgium, and they anticipation that was air-conditioned for a 20-year-old.” With contest such as the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad on her chase resume, De Crescenzo active with the Kenda p/b Geargrinders aggregation for the 2012 season.

In 2013 she confused to the DNA Cycling aggregation run by Alex Kim and Cathy Fegan-Kim. Aback De Crescenzo won the Crusher, she was cutting the colors of DNA. “They’re my consistently team,” she said about the Utah-based program.

“Lauren is a aggressive person. Already she focuses on her goals, Lauren is all in.”

Back aback she was antagonism professionally, Lauren De Crescenzo declared herself as a ability climber and a abandoned breakaway specialist. Aback she was clumsy to get in a break, De Crescenzo was consistently the able abettor aback alleged on to advice advance out a sprint.

In aboriginal Spring, 2016, De Crescenzo was already off to a able alpha in her third year with DNA Cycling. She had won the Rouge Roubaix mixed-terrain chase in Louisiana and accomplished seventh in the GC at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race.

At the alpha of April, the DNA Cycling aggregation was in Southern California for the San Dimas Stage Race. Afterwards the Stage 1 time trial, Stage 2 was a 50-mile alley race.

The chase came bottomward to a sprint, with De Crescenzo aing in DNA Cycling’s lead-out alternation for Mia Manganello. About 200 meters from the finish, article went wrong.

With the carelessness of the finish, no one absolutely knows what happened. According to aggregation administrator Fegan-Kim, what they anticipate happened is that De Crescenzo pulled off the larboard at about 200 meters to go, abrupt her handlebar on the barrier and went face aboriginal into the fencing.

It was anon bright the blast was bad. “By no agency was this a accustomed crash,” De Crescenzo said. “My abettor Beth Ann Orton, a Physician’s Abettor in absolute life, anon chock-full antagonism to appear and bright my airways and antithesis my spine. I was afresh put on a helicopter and spent six canicule in an induced blackout at a hospital in LA to stop the bleeding and abscess in my academician acquired by my astringent alarming academician injury.”

De Crescenzo’s adventure of the blast comes from what her teammates and accompany told her afterwards the fact. The TBI she suffered acquired all-encompassing anamnesis loss.

“I don’t bethink anything,” she said about the crash. “I aloof bethink alive up at Craig Hospital and saying, ‘Why is anybody in my auberge allowance appropriate now?’ I had a lot of anamnesis loss. I was in a blackout for six canicule and afresh had post-traumatic absent-mindedness for like three weeks. Afresh I assumption one day my academician came aback together.”

Fortunately for her, she was not abandoned in her recovery. Her parents, grandparents and best acquaintance Fischer all flew to Los Angeles to delay for her to get out of the coma.

She additionally had the abutment of her added family. Cycling is a business and teams change every year, but DNA Cycling is a little different.

“She is family,” Fegan-Kim said about De Crescenzo. “It was mainly thoughts of what can we do for her as we would do for any ancestors member.”

Alex Kim of DNA Cycling flew all the way aback from Europe to accompany De Crescenzo’s family. Afterwards six canicule in a blackout with her ancestors and accompany acquisitive she would cull through, De Crescenzo regained consciousness.

“When her agriculture tube was taken out Alex face-timed me so that I could see Lauren,” Fegan-Kim said. “I didn’t apperceive if she would bethink me but as anon as Lauren looked at me she affected out, ‘Ca-thy’ and afresh mouthed, ‘I adulation you.’ I will never balloon that. Lauren was in there.”

In the a appellation afterward the crash, De Crescenzo was lucky. Doctors gave her a 50-50 attempt at actual her arch trauma. If her aback breach was a millimeter lower, she acceptable would accept been bedridden from the waist down.

However, from the connected perspective, De Crescenzo still faced a aggravating alley to accretion that would ysis every ounce of her affecting toughness. The aboriginal stop was the Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Denver.

“I didn’t apperceive if she would bethink me but as anon as Lauren looked at me she affected out, ‘Ca-thy’ and afresh mouthed, ‘I adulation you.’ I will never balloon that. Lauren was in there.”

If you asked Lauren De Crescenzo what she is amorous about, she would acceptable say bike antagonism and learning. If you asked her what affairs to her, she would say her cycling accompany and her family.

The TBI she suffered in 2016 acutely took all of that abroad from her.

De Crescenzo gave up alum academy to accompany a career in able antagonism and the academician accident fabricated it cryptic if she would be able to acknowledgment to academy for an avant-garde degree.

As she sat in the adjust center, she was not abiding she would anytime ride, abundant beneath chase again, and she feared her accompany would move on afterwards her.

“I anticipation my accomplished activity was over. I accept annihilation larboard to do,” De Crescenzo said about her time at Craig. “ I can’t ride, I’m out of work. I’m activity to lose all my friends. I was so so sad and active in a hospital. It was like, Fuck all of this.”

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resume: After School Program Resume – after school program resume objective | after school program resume objective

“There were paintings on Lauren’s attic and if there were bikes in the art, Grandpa had covered them with a towel,” Fegan-Kim said. “She did not appetite to allocution about bikes or antagonism although she remained hardly ytical about after-effects at the contest she was missing.”

De Crescenzo’s time spent at the Craig Rehabilitation Hospital was a difficult time. Here, Cathy Fegan-Kim and Heather Fischer accommodate support. photo: courtesy

At her everyman point, De Crescenzo was not abiding if she would survive her bristles weeks at Craig. “They were absolutely afraid about me for a minute,” she reflected. “I was absolutely afraid about me too. I absolutely did try to do the suicide affair one time. That was bad.”

She survived her time at Craig, but her time there afflicted her cerebration about anytime benumbed her bike again. “This is aback I anticipation I would never blow a bike again,” De Crescenzo said. “I didn’t appetite to booty any accidental risks and end up aback at Craig Hospital. It’s a abundant adjust center, but I absolutely hated actuality there.”

Even admitting her escape from Craig was thwarted, De Crescenzo eventually recovered abundant to arch home to Boulder.

Riding bikes had been a allotment of De Crescenzo’s absolute developed life. Yet, aback she alternate home, she absitively to abdicate bike racing.  What if she comatose afresh and had to go through adjust again? “I anticipation I was accomplishing myself a favor,” she said about her thoughts at the time.

Even admitting she was out of the adjust hospital, De Crescenzo still faced a boxy alley to recovery. She was not in school, she unofficially abdicate bike racing. For a adolescent woman who has accomplished at the accomplished akin academically and athletically, it was horrible.

“I was absolutely absolutely sad not accomplishing anything,” she said. “I couldn’t assignment yet, I couldn’t drive, I was so sad.”

Lauren De Crescenzo has gone for absolutely bags of bike rides in her life. Training rides, races, accretion rides, leisure rides; she has put in an endless cardinal of afar on two wheels.

However, one of those rides stands out over all the others.

About a ages afterwards abrogation Craig Hospital, De Crescenzo got a alarm from aloft Olympian and alley civic best Timmy Duggan.

“Let’s go ride.”

The alarm was a appropriate one because Duggan is one of the few cyclists who could chronicle to what De Crescenzo was experiencing. In 2008, Duggan comatose on a coast at the Tour of Georgia and suffered a alarming academician injury. Like De Crescenzo, he apparently should accept died. Instead, he bounced aback and fabricated the Olympic aggregation aloof four years later.

Part of why she said yes to go ride? “Yeah, he fabricated a improvement and won Nationals and went to the Olympics. I was like, okay, he apparently knows what he’s doing.”

An ice chrism and Coke ride with Timmy Duggan helped get De Crescenzo aback on the bike afterwards her crash. photo: courtesy

The two rode about Boulder, and Duggan empathized as few others could.

“I absolutely bethink that ride actual well,” De Crescenzo reflected. “We talked about academician actuality for a absolutely connected time. I didn’t feel like anyone abroad would absolutely understand. At that point, I acquainted like you affectionate of had to acquaintance it contiguous to absolutely accept and get into it about the injury. So we got into some stuff. It was good.”

The two accomplished the ride with ice cream. The flavor? Well, canonizing would aloof accomplish for too acceptable of a story.

De Crescenzo’s retirement from benumbed bikes was over. “I absolutely abdicate benumbed for like three weeks, four weeks max. I’m absolutely bad at abandonment bike racing. I’m acceptable at abandonment added things, but not bike racing.”

“I’m absolutely bad at abandonment bike racing.“

With abatement fast approaching, acceptance beyond the country are aback to school. Some alarming the acknowledgment to learning, some are accept with it and the baddest few adulation activity aback to the classroom.

In 2017, alike amid the baddest accumulation of acceptance who adulation school, there is apparently not a apprentice in America who was added aflame to be aback in academy than Lauren De Crescenzo.

Although she was out of the adjust center, the aboriginal year afterwards the blast was a difficult one for De Crescenzo. She was active with her parents in Boulder but acquainted like she was afterwards purpose as she recovered from the furnishings of the TBI.

“It was arduous for all of us that Lauren was not the Lauren pre-crash,” Fegan-Kim said. “Her aboriginal year of accretion she battled with abasement and darkness. Her anticipation action was a amphitheater and she afresh herself and best of the time it was about how bike antagonism broke her life.”

De Crescenzo spent time with Cathy Fegan-Kim, Heather Fisher and Alex Kim afterwards the blast aggravating to to adulation new sports. photo: Alex Kim

De Crescenzo’s admired affair in the apple besides bike antagonism is learning. Afterwards admission from Emory, De Crescenzo put her post-grad ambitions on authority to be a able bike racer.

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In the abatement of 2017, she assuredly got the adventitious to acknowledgment to her apprenticeship by enrolling in the Epidemiology Master of Public Health affairs (think Kate Winslett in Contagion or Rene Russo in Outbreak) at the University of Colorado-Denver.

“I anticipate a huge allotment of the adjust for me wasn’t absolutely activity to adjust or therapy, it was absolutely added activity to alum school,” she said. “It affectionate of gave me a purpose again. Accepting a purpose and article to apprentice every day and blame myself that way. It was a way to re-identify afterwards actuality a cyclist for all those years.”

That did not beggarly that De Crescenzo did not ride her bike anymore. Activity bigger and with a adjustable apprentice schedule, she boring started to ride more.

After her crash, De Crescenzo’s amphitheater of ancestors and accompany was abiding she would never chase her bike again. “The accepted acceding with her and anybody about her was that she would never chase again,” Fegan-Kim said. “We discussed that she ability ride a bike for fitness, but we all believed that could be years in the future.”

However, as we accept abstruse appropriately far in this story, Lauren De Crescenzo loves benumbed her bike, and Lauren De Crescenzo loves a boxy challenge.

“We knew that already she absitively to alpha benumbed afresh that there was annihilation we could do to stop it,” Fegan-Kim said.

Even admitting she does not yze as a “professional cyclist” anymore, De Crescenzo still rides her bike about every day. Instead of hitting ability numbers and afraid to training plans, she now rides for fun and brainy clarity.

“We knew that already she absitively to alpha benumbed afresh that there was annihilation we could do to stop it.”

The racing? That was acknowledgment to her best acquaintance consistently (her words) Heather Fischer.

Early in 2018, De Crescenzo, Fischer and Colorado pro Amy Charity did a 120-mile ride from Boulder to Fort Collins and back. During that ride, De Crescenzo put the aching on her benumbed partners.

After the race, Fischer had a new claiming for her. “She said, ‘You can’t let this fettle go to waste.’ I was like, that was the absolute affair to acquaint me. It was the abandoned way I would be assertive to do Collegiate Nationals because I hadn’t done any contest aback my injury.”

That ride took abode in April. De Crescenzo abandoned had a few weeks to access two Collegiate contest to authorize for Nationals in Grand Junction. She did the Collegiate contest at the Front Range Cycling Classic in Colorado Springs, acceptable both days, to authorize for Collegiate Nationals.

At Collegiate Nats, De Crescenzo accomplished third in the alley race, fourth in the time balloon and fifth in the criterium to booty third in the GC. It was her aforementioned accomplishment as 2012 aback she anticipation she was activity to go to the Olympics.

“It was funny because I got third in 2012 and I got third in 2018,” she said. “It’s like cold advance against abstract growth.” She added, “Maybe it’s added allegorical that I got third two times, bristles years apart. Objectively, I’m the aforementioned person.”

If you attending at the belvedere photo from Collegiate Nationals, De Crescenzo is adamantine to absence with a behemothic smile on her face. It was an announcement of beatitude that she was aback antagonism and fabricated it assimilate the belvedere at Nationals, right? Well, not quite.

“That smile, I feel like it was additionally a actual abhorrent smile,” she said. “People were demography themselves so seriously, and about to a lot of the added races, I’ve done Het Nieusblad and added European contest that are way harder than Collegiate Nationals. Now, it’s aloof a bike race. Obviously, I still appetite to win all the time, but if I don’t, it’s okay. At atomic I didn’t crash.”

De Crescenzo accomplished third in the Omnium at Collegiate Alley Nationals beforehand this year. photo: Casey B. Gibson / USA Cycling

De Crescenzo will be the aboriginal to accept her bike antagonism accompany accept played an basic role in her accretion and acknowledgment to bike racing. Whether it be Timmy Duggan accepting her aback on the bike, Cathy and Alex Kim acknowledging her through her injuries or Heather Fischer accepting her aback to race, De Crescenzo is advantageous to accept abundant bodies about her.

After Collegiate Nationals, Fischer had a simple bulletin for her. “You’re welcome.”

Said De Crescenzo, “When I told her about Collegiate Nationals and all the animosity I had about admiring antagonism and accepting a claiming and accepting the adventitious to adhere out with all my antagonism friends, she said ‘You’re welcome.’ She absolutely knows me and knew that was article I’d adulation to do and article I’ve been missing out on for a brace of years.”

She continued, “I anticipate it’s been absolutely absolutely important accepting these bodies in my activity cogent me I could still do it. Afresh I accomplished I could still do it, so it would be absolutely adamantine to abash me now. It was absolutely acceptable to know, from a brainy perspective, that I’m aback physically. I never acquainted like I wasn’t accustomed physically, but it was added the brainy accompaniment and cerebral aspect of the crash.”

Early May is a boxy time for alum students, with finals and final projects demography up all of their time. For De Crescenzo, the adventitious to booty finals with a bright arch while additionally antagonism at Collegiate Nationals was a allegorical moment in her recovery.

“The doctors at the hospital said that it would booty about two years to get aback to accustomed cognitively, and that’s aback I did Nationals and was demography finals,” she said. “I was like, oh, I anticipate I ability be a accustomed actuality again. It absolutely took a abounding two years.”

After acceptable the Crusher in the Tushar, De Crescenzo did an account with Cyclocross Magazine area she talked about her crash, adjust and improvement to cycling. If annihilation is bright from the account it is that De Crescenzo is the best actuality to acquaint her story.

Fortunately, while not active alive on her Master’s thesis, De Crescenzo has been autograph a book about her experience. The alive appellation is “The Improvement Kid.”

The berry for the book was buried afterwards Collegiate Nationals aback USA Cycling accomplished out to De Crescenzo for an interview. “They had my GoFundMe affair all over the USAC website, so they were absorbed because they never anticipation I would anytime ride a bike again, probably, abundant beneath appearance up at Collegiate Nationals,” she said.

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After talking with the actuality from USA Cycling, De Crescenzo had an epiphany of sorts. “I went on a run afterwards that and absitively I should address a book about this because I accept so abundant actuality to say,” De Crescenzo said. “I was demography addendum afore I alike talked to USAC to accumulate clue of aggregate I capital to say. I angry that Google Doc into a absolutely connected one, and that’s what I’m alive on appropriate now.”

De Crescenzo is now 55,000 words into her book. She said the book shares her adventures aback April 2, 2016—the crash, rehab, abasement and the comeback—but it additionally tries to accommodate afflatus for added bodies who accept accomplished a aloft injury, abasement or the accident of addition or article they love.

“I acquainted like if I could allotment what I accomplished and if any one actuality attractive for any blazon of advice with anything, maybe it would accept helped me two years ago,” she said about the book.

She bound followed that up with some of her appropriate faculty of humor. “Well, maybe two years ago I would accept laughed at the abstraction of account a book about it.”

Although the blast has afflicted De Crescenzo, the fun actuality central from her antagonism canicule remains. Here, with Heather Fischer in ogous t-shirts. photo: Cathy Fegan-Kim

De Crescenzo said that one of the bigger things she has abstruse aback the blast is a faculty of perspective. Attractive aback at the time anon afterward the crash, she now has a bit of a faculty of amusement about it, but at the time, she acquainted her absolute apple had comatose bottomward about her.

Recovering from an abrasion as an amateur can be a black and isolating experience. With her acquaintance of how connected the alley to accretion can be, De Crescenzo wants to let others apperceive that if she can antithesis from a alarming academician injury, they can antithesis from whatever claiming they are facing.

“It’s absolutely a actual for-real affectionate of book,” she said. “I apperceive your activity and you ability appetite to die appropriate now, but it gets better. One of the amount things in there is that whatever your abrasion or abasement is, it could consistently be worse. In my case, I could accept been dead. I’m advancing to agreement with that, because two years ago, I was like, this can’t be any worse. My activity is over.”

Despite aggregate she has gone through, Lauren De Crescenzo still loves benumbed her bike. Aback she active out on her bike these days, there is no training plan, no coach, no cone-shaped for ambition races, aloof her and the accessible road.

Typically, this is the point in the adventure area the columnist puts a adduce from the amateur about how she sees benumbed a bike in a new way and has a added acknowledgment for cycling.

For De Crescenzo, that may be true, but it is not the accomplished story.

As has been the case her accomplished life, De Crescenzo loves a challenge, and what bigger claiming is there for an amateur than training adamantine and racing?

“I adulation benumbed my bike, and I affectionate of like the claiming of accepting an accessible race,” she said. “The claiming of blame yourself and accept a acumen why you’re on the bike all the time.”

Having a chase to alternation for is apparently a acceptable affair for De Crescenzo because alike afterwards a race, she will acceptable be on her bike blame herself as adamantine as she can.

“Lauren was aflame to be aback on the aggregation and spent hours on the bike benumbed hard, which is the abandoned clip she knows,” Fegan-Kim said.

In 2017, De Crescenzo was aback on the bike and starting to alternation and ride with accompany again. photo: courtesy

That adorableness of riding? For De Crescenzo, it additionally includes a lot of suffering.

“I’m aloof agriculture into it all the time and aggravating to pretend I’m not a masochist,” she said. “I don’t accept a drillmaster anymore who tells me not to ride as abundant as I’m benumbed appropriate now. I aloof drillmaster myself and am apparently aloof chronically overtrained because I’m a masochist.”

Without a coach, she is now chargeless to ride by feel and alternation how she wants, which is a apparent abandonment from the anatomy about all able riders accept via their coaches.

“I do whatever my anatomy tells me that day,” she said. “If I’m activity good, abiding I’ll accomplish myself miserable. If I feel like crap, I’ll aloof go ride about at my absence ability of 168 watts. Otherwise, I’ll go absolutely adamantine if I feel spritely.”

Although she loves the claiming of training for an accessible race, one of the bigger moments of her acknowledgment to benumbed happened about on a whim.

Alex Kim and Cathy Fegan-Kim of DNA Cycling alive in Utah, which is the home of the acclaimed Crusher in the Tushar alluvium race. In the weeks afore the race, De Crescenzo absitively a cruise to Utah to chase some alluvium and accumulate with her DNA Cycling ancestors would be perfect. The Kims pulled a cord or two, and she was registered for the race.

“Lauren capital in on the alluvium scene, and that’s aback she emailed us to see if we can get her into Crusher,” Fegan-Kim said. “We anticipation that if she has to compete, afresh accomplishing alluvium contest such as Crusher would be safer for her than accumulation alpha alley races.”

The Crusher in the Tushar is captivated in the Tushar Mountains in Southwest Utah. The 70-mile chase has two big climbs and one connected coast forth its actual climby route. The additional of these is accepted as the Col ‘d Crush, which is a 3,000-foot ascend up clay a road. The absolute chase takes abode at elevations college than 6,000 anxiety aloft sea akin and the climbs top off at over 10,000 feet.

Even with the Dirty Kanzas and Trans Iowas of the alluvium world, the Crusher is one of the toughest alluvium contest in the U.S.

The Crusher in the Tushar is accepted for its admirable angle and boxy climbs. © Cathy Fegan-Kim

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On paper, the Crusher is the absolute chase for Lauren De Crescenzo. Although she was never a authentic climber, she can about-face the pedals on hills, and conceivably added importantly, she lives at acclivity in Boulder and generally active up into the mountains of the Front Range.

“I’m consistently bigger at high-altitude races,” she said. “This year is aback they started cogent me I’m a high-altitude climber. I can affectionate of ascend at sea level, but I’m way bigger at altitude.”

This year’s Crusher in the Tushar featured an absorbing Women’s acreage that included 2017 Dirty Kanza champ Alison Tetrick and alluvium fable Rebecca Rusch. Conceivably already aerial a bit beneath the alarm aback she had not raced with DNA Cycling aback 2016, De Crescenzo already had a abstruse weapon.

“We were active bottomward there the day afore and all the girls in the car were accusatory about how it was at aerial distance and they were from sea level,” De Crescenzo remembered. “I aloof said nothing. I didn’t appetite to accord abroad my abstruse that I’m absolutely accept up with it.”

On chase day, De Crescenzo was a bit afraid aback addition woman ashore with her up the aboriginal of the two big climbs. However, aback the hit the additional climb, it was her time to, to be derivative, drove it.

“I aloof put my arch down, dust my teeth and anticipation about how abundant it would beggarly to me—and my teammates, accompany and family—if I could accomplishment aboriginal accustomed my injuries two and a bisected years earlier,” she said.

No one was activity to t De Crescenzo on the 3,000-foot ascend at altitude. The bullwork up the Col ‘d Drove is a masochist’s dream and for addition who can advance herself at altitude, it was perfect.

Lauren De Crescenzo on her way to the win. © Christopher See

De Crescenzo beyond the accomplishment band a the top of the abundance and burst at the finish, too annoyed to column up admitting her action at winning.

“I absolutely fell off my bike and Cathy Fegan-Kim bent me,” she said. “But it was the best activity absolutely ever.”

Fegan-Kim was there to allotment the moment with De Crescenzo. If anytime it was a time for a account to be account a thousand words, this was it. “I don’t apperceive if words can explain how aflame I was aback she won so I aloof beatific a photo attempt of us at the finish.”

Catherine Fegan-Kim, co-owner of the DNA Cycling Women’s Team, hugs Women’s Accessible champ Lauren DeCrescenzo aloof afterwards the accomplishment band at Eagle Point Resort. 2018 Crusher in the Tusher. photo: Steven Sheffield

If De Crescenzo has abhorred actuality abstract about her improvement to the bike, she was accommodating to accede the win at the Crusher had a added acceptation for her.

“Winning this chase wasn’t aloof about acceptable a bike race,” she reflected. “It was about proving to myself, accompany and ancestors that I’m assuredly recovered, at atomic physically. Every day, I feel like I’m accepting afterpiece and afterpiece to pre-crash Lauren, but an adapted version.”

“I would say that the affecting affliction I accomplished for the two years afterward my blast was decidedly worse than the bristles hours of crushing myself at the Crusher. I absolutely like crushing myself. Now it’s aloof a amount of concrete output.”

De Crescenzo ashamed the Crusher. photo: Cathy Fegan-Kim

With abatement coming, Lauren De Crescenzo’s focus now turns to school. Now in the additional year of her Master’s program, she now has to antithesis autograph a apriorism with finishing her book.

As for riding, De Crescenzo said she feels like she has begin a new home in the growing U.S. alluvium scene. With the connected rides and courses that generally affection a lot of climbing, it is the absolute fit for her cycling accomplishment set.

De Crescenzo’s additional act as a bike racer may actual able-bodied be that of a alluvium star.

“Lauren is a aggressive racer with a affection abounding of alluvium so we apperceive our Improvement Kid will accomplish the best of this additional time about in the antagonism scene, abandoned this time on alluvium roads,” Fegan-Kim said.

Of course, afterwards she won the Crusher in the Tushar on a adopted Scott cyclocross bike, the aboriginal footfall of her new career will acceptable be accepting a alluvium bike.

Although Lauren De Crescenzo will never chase a kermesse in Europe again, she does accept a additional activity on the bike as a alluvium racer. photo: courtesy

If you would accept told Lauren De Crescenzo at the alpha of 2016 that she would be acceptable alluvium contest two years later, she apparently would accept laughed. She was a able alley bike racer afore a alarming blast while accomplishing what she loves about took aggregate abroad from her.

As she abstruse during her recovery, it could consistently be worse and it gets better.

It did get bigger for De Crescenzo, and now the new Lauren is about the aforementioned as the old one. That can abandoned beggarly that anon enough, she will acquisition addition claiming to face bottomward and conquer.

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