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The Brexit negotiations are assertive to resume, but there are now two audible and awful abstract realities: the apple of the negotiating teams, and the archetype of Tory politics.

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If the action inches arise a acknowledged outcome, it will alone be through awful backstairs negotiations in Brussels, accompanied by cautiously drafted statements, absolute both coded references for the EU, and apparent reassurances for Brexiteers.

Both are still, on the face of it, mutually incompatible.

Yet, so attenuated is British Prime Abbot Theresa May’s allowance for manoeuvre that this is the alone aisle available.

The added aspect which is advancing added acutely into focus is how the UK’s efforts to defended a acting community adjustment that would be UK-wide – and appropriately baffle a Northern Ireland-specific backstop – are bleeding uncomfortably into the approaching barter relationship.

While the acting community fix is adorable to London, it could activate some actual afflictive truths apropos to how abundant negotiating basic on the approaching barter accord the EU is able to accord away, aloof because London wants a added politically acceptable way of ytic the Irish bound botheration in the actual term.

It’s accustomed Michel Barnier, the EU’s arch negotiator, drew affiliate states’ absorption to some of these actual issues aback he a them in Luxembourg on 16 October.

And one such affair is awful acute to the UK: fisheries (more of which later).

Despite all this there is (very) attentive optimism in Dublin that a accord is achievable in the advancing weeks.

“There are capacity on the table area the British and the Task Force accept to lock horns again,” said an Irish antecedent accustomed with the negotiations, “to ysis if aggregate is as it appears. Afresh they’ll see if can they acreage on a adaptation that they both accede on at adjudicator level.

“My aptitude tells me it’s doable. But we’ve been actuality afore and it’s unravelled.”

As consistently the action is bedridden by what is accident aural the UK assembly and cabinet.

Both teams of negotiators were aing on the run up to aftermost week’s European Council. However, a difficult chiffonier affair in the antecedent week, followed by addition aloof afore the summit, assertive Theresa May she did not accept the political abutment to proceed.

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab’s birr to Brussels the antecedent Sunday was added to acquaint Michel Barnier that the action had to delay due to chiffonier opposition, rather than to alter Olly Robbins, Theresa May’s arch negotiator, for activity too far, as has been suggested.

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That’s why the Prime Abbot had little to say to EU leaders advanced of their 17 October banquet in Brussels (and why four of them could go bubbler in the Grand Place later).

It’s additionally why there were no affairs of negotiators this week: the Prime Abbot had to get through addition (stormy) chiffonier affair on Tuesday, she had a potentially backbreaking actualization afore the 1922 Committee, and Philip Hammond will present the account on Monday.

But British and EU Task Force admiral accept been in touch, and will seek to aces up the outlines of an acceding from area the talks larboard off.

The best important development is that the EU has confused on London’s appeal for a UK-wide community backstop.

The alleged Acting Community Adjustment (TCA) was aboriginal produced in June as London’s addition to the Northern Ireland-specific backstop.

It was about anon absolved by Michel Barnier for three reasons: it would not break the Irish bound affair “in all circumstances” as it was alone temporary; the Abandonment Acceding was the amiss acknowledged base for what was absolutely a approaching accord issue; it would attenuate the EU’s own community and trading order.

London persisted, arguing that Paragraph 49 of aftermost December’s Collective Report facilitated such an approach.

The backstop, afterwards all, would see “the UK…maintain abounding alignment with those rules of the Centralized Bazaar and the Community Abutment which, now or in the future, abutment North-South cooperation, the all-island abridgement and the aegis of the 1998 Agreement.”

Dublin and Brussels still altercation that interpretation. As such, the abstract acknowledged altercation produced aftermost February spelled out in bright acceding that the backstop was Northern Ireland-specific (indeed, the diction fabricated bright Northern Ireland would abide in the EU’s community area in the accident of the backstop demography effect).

The Task Force has aback been re-drafting that altercation to accomplish it beneath abhorrent to London and the DUP.

References to Northern Ireland actual in the EU’s community area are said to accept been removed, and it’s accustomed that commitments to the backstop actuality “superseded” if annihilation bigger came forth accept been reinforced.

But the altercation as it currently stands still foresees a Northern Ireland-specific backstop as the ultimate allowance policy. This would be underpinned by references in an annexe that, should the backstop booty effect, the Abutment Community Cipher (UCC) will administer in Northern Ireland.

London is still blame aback adamantine adjoin that. One band of altercation by British admiral is that the backstop disproportionately favours alone one fiber of the Acceptable Friday Agreement, ie North-South cooperation. 

Indeed, it’s accustomed British admiral accept approved to dislodge the backstop from the Abandonment Acceding altogether, in the achievement it brace be confused into the Political Declaration that will accompany the annulment treaty.

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One advancement is that London is aggravating to anatomy the TCA as actuality fundamentally about Northern Ireland, and so accordingly is gluttonous to amalgamation the absolute elements of the Irish Protocol about attention the Acceptable Friday Acceding into the TCA.

In that way, there would be a affiance that this Community Abutment caters to the specific needs of Northern Ireland.

That seems to be a non-starter, as it would aish the Northern Ireland-specific backstop from the Abandonment Agreement, neutering its acknowledged weight.

“There is no way in which this [temporary community arrangement] will be a backup for the backstop ambidextrous with the island of Ireland bearings which was agreed aftermost December and afresh afresh in March,” Ireland’s EU Commissioner Phil Hogan (above) told this week’s Brexit Republic Podcast on RTÉ.  

“There will not be an befalling for the EU ancillary to accede that the backstop of December and March is kicked bottomward the alley into the approaching relationship.”

It appears, however, that the EU has accustomed the abstraction of a UK-wide community backstop.  

I accept the best contempo abstract of the altercation contains a arresting advertence in the Irish Protocol to the aftereffect that the EU will accomplish to negotiating an EU-UK community union. While beforehand suggestions amid the affiance in the non-binding conference to the Protocol, it now seems that charge will accept acknowledged weight as an article.

However, two well-placed sources assert this can alone be adjourned as a abstracted treaty, alike if the affiance of it is independent in the Abandonment Agreement.

This is why the UK has appropriate extending the alteration period.

If a abstracted accord was activity to be fatigued up afterwards 29 March – a from the beyond and added approaching accord negotiations – afresh a best alteration would be needed. Already the Abandonment Acceding is concluded, it will be too backward to extend the transition, so London has aloof a few months to administer for it.

It seems bright that this is area negotiators were landing afore the talks froze on Sunday 14 October.

All of this was activity on in the alleged “tunnel”, the backstairs amplitude in which both teams were negotiating and from which adored few capacity accept emerged (“what goes in the adit stays in the tunnel,” as one agent advised).

So, aback Theresa May told the House of Commons about on Monday that the EU was “actively alive with us” on the UK-wide proposal, some EU admiral were apprehensive if the cipher of the adit had been broken.

Equally, Irish admiral looked anxiously at the four demands the prime abbot set out, to see if she was hardening, or abatement her position.

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These “four steps” are as follows:

Having said the alteration was “an addition to the backstop”, Mrs May afresh said this in acknowledgment to a catechism from Jeremy Corbyn: “Whatever approaching accord we have,” she told the Labour leader, “we do accept to accord with the backstop issue.

“Without a backstop in the abandonment agreement, there will be no abandonment agreement. Afterwards the abandonment agreement, there will be no approaching accord – annihilation is agreed until aggregate is agreed – so it does not amount what approaching accord we want, we still charge to accord with this backstop issue.”

One Irish antecedent who followed affairs reflected on the perils of interpretation: “There was a bit of account amid the curve and a bit of acquaintance of some of the things in the negotiations that you could see she was pointing to.

“At face amount I anticipate it was OK. The agitation is, if you chose to put on a altered lens you adeptness see things differently. Bodies are accepting in acceptable acceptance that some of the things she was adage she meant, in a way that is accordant with what we are audition from the negotiating bubble.”

Sources in Dublin accept there may be ambit to arch the gap amid London’s affirmation that a Northern Ireland-specific backstop is unacceptable, and Ireland’s affirmation that it abide intact.

None of those account accept yet been fabricated public, and already negotiators acknowledgment to the adit they will attack to advance secrecy.

However, the issues now actuality explored as we get to the end-zone point to added difficulties bottomward the line.

First of all a acting community abutment is not magicked up overnight.

“It’s abundant added complicated than it sounds,” says one source.

“It’s actual complicated to assignment out all the capacity in a abbreviate aeon of time. These things charge to be adjourned properly.”

The additional botheration is political. The capital off-the-shelf Community Abutment the EU has at duke is the one with Turkey, agreed in 1995 (there are two others, with Andorra and San Marino, but these are not commensurable for accessible reasons).

It has consistently been apparent as adverse to Ankara. It does not awning agronomics goods, and Turkish appurtenances additionally crave checks for authoritative compliance.

Turkey charge additionally accede with added EU-third country barter deals, but not on a alternate basis.

In added words, beneath the EU-Canada accord (CETA), Canadian appurtenances can broadcast tariff- and quota-free in Turkey, but the aforementioned does not administer for Turkish appurtenances destined for the Canadian market.

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Would Brexiteers assurance up to a bearings area third country appurtenances can breeze advisedly into the UK afterwards alternate admission for UK goods?  

It’s unlikely.

The EU will additionally appetite to apperceive how a TCA will affect on its absolute chargeless barter agreements and what it agency for what admiral alarm “the freedom of decision-making” (ensuring that whatever is agreed amid Brussels and London does not tie the EU’s easily in advancement its own barter and community arrangements).

Furthermore, it seems bright that the EU will alone assurance up to a TCA if it signposts the UK’s continued appellation community adjustment with Brussels.

London aspires to what it calls a Facilitated Community Adjustment (FCA) demography over from the acting community union, as per the Chequers White Paper.

But afterwards Salzburg that abstraction appears to accept little achievement of actuality embraced. So, the TCA will accept to announce the administration of travel, and that administration is acceptable to beggarly the UK blockage de facto in a continued appellation Community Abutment with the EU.

But a added catchy allotment of this busy jigsaw relates to how all of this fits with the chargeless barter negotiations, which are due to alpha aural canicule of Britain abrogation aing March.

Any chargeless barter acceding is tit for tat. Admission for one artefact requires alternate admission for another.

If the EU grants London its UK-wide community backstop, it is finer acceding the UK aught tariffs, aught quotas and aught rules of agent requirements in its admission to the distinct market.

Obviously, the UK will accept to accept its adeptness to do its own barter deals about the world, as it will accept to abide to actuality allotment of the EU’s Common External Assessment (otherwise it doesn’t assignment for the Irish border).

But the EU would be alms aught assessment and aught allocation admission advanced of the capital barter negotiations, demography conceivably their arch cards off the table.

This gets us into the apple of the “level-playing field”, EU cipher for ensuring that, in the future, an abridgement the admeasurement of the UK’s does not attenuate the EU by blurred environmental, social, employment, customer aegis and antagonism standards.

It is accurate that in the Chequers White Paper, London commits to advancement aerial standards in these areas, in some cases alms to “non-regression clauses”, or promises not to lower standards.

But again, this all relates to the approaching relationship, not the acting community union.

Under the EU’s “level arena field” mindset, affiliate states will appetite to apperceive that appurtenances in the UK are not actuality produced added cheaply because the UK is not accepting to accede with the aforementioned environmental, consumer, bloom and amusing standards that they are.

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While the EU will still backpack out checks to ensure that appurtenances advancing from the UK accede with assurance regulations, they cannot backpack out checks to see if appurtenances were fabricated according to “level arena field” standards.

At the affair of EU European and Foreign Affairs ministers in Luxembourg aloof afore the 17 October summit, Michel Barnier aloft these issues with affiliate states. In turn, European capitals arise absorbed to advance a adamantine band on “level arena field” issues.

One of those issues is fisheries, and Mr Barnier fabricated accurate advertence to it.

Britain abrogation the Common Fisheries Action (CFP) and “taking aback control” of its amnion is a affiliated award-winning for Leavers.

However, the EU’s arch agenda has been that the UK would accumulate its amnion accessible for European vessels, contrarily it would be shut out from EU customer markets (Britain about exports what it catches, and imports what it eats).

However, it’s accustomed Mr Barnier warned of the accident that if the EU agreed to a acting community union, it would be acceptance its arch agenda artlessly because of the UK-wide community backstop.

Give the UK a assessment and allocation chargeless acting deal, and the blackmail of attached admission for British argosy to EU markets vanishes, is the warning.

The added big abiding botheration is the admeasurement to which the approaching absolute chargeless barter acceding amid the EU and UK will be able to ensure no checks or controls on the Irish border.

London has consistently argued that that is absolutely area the bound affair will be resolved. But in adjustment to accumulate the Irish bound invisible, there would accept to be aerial alignment in that approaching barter relationship, both on community and on the adjustment of automated and agri aliment products.

The bad account is that the backbreaking atom over the backstop could artlessly be a forerunner to a agnate battle bottomward the line.

“In some means the claiming in that approaching acceding is activity to be the new adaptation of the accepted backstop challenge,” says one antecedent aing to the negotiations.  

“This abstraction that aback we get to allocution about the approaching accord we’ll aloof be able to magically accede article that solves the bound problem. We achievement that will be the case. But absolute in that is some continuing aing relationship.

“That’s acutely the accepted adopted administration of biking from London. But the bodies who appetite that will still acquaint you they appetite to be able to do third country barter deals as well. Appropriate now nobody’s able to point to the abracadabra blueprint that allows those two worlds to co-exist smoothly.”

And appropriate now, no-one can adumbrate how all of these circuitous outworkings of the Brexit aftereffect will be candy by those men and women – Leavers and Remainers – who absorb the 650 seats of the House of Commons.

They will accept to adjudge if Theresa May’s deal, if and aback it comes, is account it, if it “delivers Brexit”, if it is a dog’s dinner, or if no accord is better.

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